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I don't think Apple needs to be in the TV business to be IN the TV business.Apple doesn't need to make a smart TV when they can make a dumb TV smart with a smart box...ATV.What I think Apple should do is create their own content. A dozen shows from Sci first to drama to horror to comedy.I'd love to see them make a starwars show with movie special effects quality. Big budget. 15 episodes.
Maybe maybe not but why not go for cradle to the grave? These carriers are stalling innovation.When carriers start seeing their customers leave in droves due to features AppleNet provided that they refuse, they'll come around. Or get trounced
Ok...why don't Apple become their own carrier? I mean build ground up or buy TMO. Beef up their network, offer great data plans and maybe offer modest discounts for iPhone users switching from verizon or att. Am I missing something impossible here? Folks would switch on brand loyalty alone.
I have to agree with you on this. My 6 is enough. I'm holding out for ATV. Don't disappoint me Apple! Gaming system. Apple created content. A la carte channels.
$20 for any 20 channels ad free. OR $10 for any 20 channels ad supported
Adding channels I'd no different than what we have now. Those 20,30 or 40 channels....only 6 of them I'll watch. Same as cable.Show me all your available channels and let me pick which one I want. Other than that this is no better than cableIt's time for Apple to quit half stepping and just run this industry over. Either cable becomes willing participants or collateral damage in a industry hostile take over
They're close. How about for $20 let me pick from any 20 channels. I can mix and match any channels any time but can't exceed 20 channels without paying more to enter a higher tier. What they are offering is more or less the same as cable companies...a package of set channels for a fee. I want a package of channels I select
Haha. I think the iPhone is doing a good enough job on that end. 74 million?!? The only other number more astonishing than that is our national debt
I'm still looking/wanting for a reason to buy this. The more I read about what it can do the less it addresses what I need or what apple thinks I need. With that said, this will blow the competition out the water by far. It will be the best smart watch on the market.
There you go! Throw in 64gb for the mid tier model too. As long as the games are console quality, atv will have breakthrough sales. AND usher in new revenue in the app store
New Posts  All Forums: