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I'd like to see them make it a visual message notifier. Text message gives it a blue color. Email makes it red....
...what is the difference between force touch and long press. Sounds the same to me
Pass. I think gathering your Sexual activity is a bit far reaching. Not downing the feature though. Just not something I'm opting in to
Oh that's fine too. I'll just pick it up again when my regular shows take their summer break. I'm just not going to carry HBO year around.Man it'd be awesome if Apple created their own content, give us a hulu Netflix like combo package and optional filler stations for like $30 a month
They'll get their $15 a month out of me....for one month. Wait til GOT is over then binge watch 13 shows in two weeks...then cut it off. Netflix, hulu and iTunes are the staples. Everything else is a 30 day all you eat buffet
Maybe. But...if I'm buying something with intent to keep for 2-4 years 150 isn't much of a difference. Once pebble's sales figures start reporting in post apple watch release we'll know
Ehh I'm not too sure. Amazon for example runs on thin margins. I think they can carve a niche. It's just not going to be at the 200+ price point.I could be wrong but that's my position
200 for core features OR 350 for core features plus. 150 is too close for someone considering dropping 350. Now if Awatch started at 500 then the price gap is wide enough to be in different markets.
"...or shutter doors"
They'll make something. Thin margins perhaps but something. Their price point I think is unsustainable with competition like Apple.And what happens next year with Pebble when gen 1 apple watch is reduced to 329 or 299?Thin margins or shuttered doors
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