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...why doesn't apple insider require a credit card to authenticate? That way when these trolls post you blacklist the card associated with the acct. trolls will eventually run out of cards. As it stands now, you kill one user acct, they make another
Problem is folks got greedy. Samsung and Google wanted a piece of the pie apple was bringing to the table instead of being content with their side dishes.Samsung as supplier, google as services and apple as the device maker. Everyone would have been living high off the hog.Instead there's a mobile industry war. And my opinion is Apple is gonna stomp everyone
I don't buy this one. Why not:Fall you get the high end S phone with the newest iOS.Spring you get the C with minor upgrades and half the iOS upgrades.So...next spring you get 6c with iOS 7.5. No touch ID but hardware improvements elsewhere.Next fall you get 6S with IOS 8 all new features. AND the following spring you get 7C with touch ID.
Not true. It weighs a lot. It weighs heavily on your mind when you realize you bought some garbage instead of a premium device like the iPad.Up all night agonizing over the wasted money spent
Apple is doomed. Wait. Wrong thread. Pandora is doomed. Jokes aside,pandora does have an uphill battle. I dumped them as soon as iRadio came out.
Good post. Not necessisarily a "troll" post though. I'd call you an independent with right/left leaning policies. Good. To have the other side of the fence on here with logical grounds for constructive discussion
Nope. It'll take one company. Apple. How many of us keep cable for sports and the special shows....Dexter, True Blood, Homeland.What if apple bought sports rights AND created their own content? Have JJ Abram and Michael Bay...produce several shows. Tie it into a subscription base for iOS owners. Or free for anyone that purchases the mythical Apple TV? How many of would dump cable?I have cable for ONE show and they just canceled it...Dexter. Everything else comes from...
If thaif that's all apple got then its a hollow victory. There needs to some victories that for Samsung into selling devices that are not patent infringing...not before.Samsung is thinking, "so what. We've made our money on it. We've gained product recognition".They pay the little fine but they've gained much more. Government needs to start banning samsung devices FIRST! Before sale. They let them sell after they've proven they don't infringe on tech
Unless it costs less than the cheapest current gen iPod touch, I pass. Love apple but a $300 watch? If they want to sell these things cut that in half. Otherwise its adoption rate will be on par with google glasses. They did right by the first iPad, continue with that aggressive price scheme and these will sell like bottled water in hell
I see your point to an extent. I don't think its arrogance as much as it's just apple users rarely have to troubleshoot their devices.I have 12 apple products in my house and we've had to trouble shoot(excluding jailbreak issues)....zero(0). All of it just worksI think what happens is a common apple user loses their mojo when it comes to diagnostics and repair because we enjoy products that rarely break
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