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This is all good but where's my apple TV. Forget apple pay forget apple watch. I want an apple TV that equipped for playstation level gaming. They get something out like that for say $149, that's going to be the hit product for Apple in 2015. You heard it here first. The apple TV is the sleeper product of 2015 from Apple Oh and screw CVS. Apple Pay is disabled there
On a separate issue....wtf is the apple TV!
Starship game sounds like my type of game. As for Google...im waiting for Apple search to relieve me of the last Google product I actively use
I agree with most of what you said however withouth doing research I think an embargo on products would hurt China more and help the US a great deal. It would bring manufacturing jobs back to the US. Put us in a pre nafta state.About the watch....that piece of $hit can hit as many markets as they want. The target market is not anyone who was planning on buying the apple watch.If I was Apple I wouldn't even notify my lawyers about this one.
You're right but to a point. How do you create a secure connection between phone and watch to make a purchase with your watch? Apple already addresses this with airdrop...which uses Bluetooth and WiFi. So it makes sense to extend with this technology to the watch
My guess...it'll use Bluetooth and WiFi to create a secure connection. Sort of like how airdrop works.
Thanks for the tip
I've gotten more from my $110 on t-mobile than anything att offered for the same price. Here's the extras for the SAME cost A second line for my kid Included tethering for my iPad Free music streaming WiFi calling And now rollover data!!! Nice tmo!
...there should be a standing law that plaintiff pays the defendants legal fees if they lose. There's no way a law firm would take this on if they had no clear path for a win. 10 years? How much in legal fees would they be paying for Apple's lawyers. This would surely stop all the bogus lawsuits
I side with ktappe on this one. I'll shop blk Friday bot not thanksgiving. Holidays is not a right but a "best buy" operating on a holiday is not going to stoke employee loyalty or good sentiment.Give them the holiday off and reap your profits on black Friday! Not the day before.
New Posts  All Forums: