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Jailbreak until you decide to upgrade.  I'll stay with att until i decide to upgrade, which should be December or January.  I'll be heading over to Sprint.  I'm tired of these guys robbing us.  Vote with your pocket and move.  
I wasnt gonna post anything because you guys have said volumes. But after looking at this link of the chrome box, I hope apple sues the f**k out of them!!! AND takes there business elsewhere.This is ridiculous. I mean any judge should be slapping Samsung with patent violations left and right
Come on now. Do you really think apple doesn't have a design already mapped out? The iPhone is there bread and butter. They probably have the next 4 versions already designed and ready to go.
I plan on giving my first gen to my kid and getting a refurb IP2 at a steep discount from apple.
You're misinformed dude. Take that facial recognition. Garbage. Doesn't work. A novelty. The phone is a novelty. No real iPhone competitor. I have a pro android friend that says android is all that and beats apple. But when I ask how....crickets. He comments on the 20 difference ways you can get to the wifi toggle button. Lmao. Have fun with it hoss
When IP5 comes out I'll be moving over to sprint. No use complaining otherwise. When we all start leaving for another carrier they will get the message
Either 1. Dump your iPhone.(my right armwould go first) 2. Protest to congress(...yeah didn't think you'd agree on that one) 3. Everyone jump to another carrier I like 3. AT&T goes from 69 mil customers, or whatever number, to like 38 mil, I bet they'd fix their rates! Then...when folks contracts are up, the company they jumped to will offer lower prices to keep you from going to att with THEIR new low prices. The only way to get these folks to lower prices is to walk...
Thy are gonna have to go with a subscription model. Three 21 episode shows at a dollar a show is $60. I'm sure most of us have 6-10 shows consistently watched in the house. Add to it that most people may want to rent vs own and it makes since to make it subscription based
I think the point is in replacing your cable box. If could get the 10 or so channels I watch a la carte via apple then he product(appletv) is worh considering. I'm annoyed that I pay 50+ dollars for a couple channels and DVR support
Granted I've never really "used" win7, but based on looks, reports and videos I think PalmOS would be running second. IMO
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