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Lol we went from government intrusion to global warming in the blink of an eye. I think this is too SQUIRREL!
+1. Manage your damn kids. You can't expect Apple to do everything. Parents need to parent
I don't watch much sports so excuse the ignorance but is this a good deal? $199 sounds like a lot for just one section of tv watching.
This is unrelated but it just hit me reading this article. So the samsung gear is quite expensive for a smart watch. One reason is you can take call and the radio chip to do that's costs(licensing more than hardware). Well at WWDC apple introduced the tech where you can receive calls over wifi on your idevices via a tethered connection to your phone. No reason apple couldn't extend this to the iwatch.
...this 5.5 will be an iPod touch gaming device. Why else reduce the iPod touch price to $199? To make way for the new bigger screen one at $249 Oh and the iwatch....will come in two favors. A consumer one for $149 and a FDA DME certified subsidized version for $499. Low margins on the $149. High margins on the $499
Yet one more reason where 95 percent of my news come from non mainstream media. These guys have nothing worth hearing. I'll never watch show for sure now Who cares if TC is gay. Apple is awesome. TC is awesome and I'm loving my idevices. Nuff said
You may be right but I'm sure the ins companies would prefer to subsidies a sub $400 piece of equipment than to cover an out of control diabetic case due to cumbersome monitoring(there's equipment already out approved by the FDA that does wireless glucose tracking). As for the smaller screen...well...it's not a replacing for any device but an enhancement that allows you to see snapshot info at a glance. Definitely nothing for typing emails or playing angry birds. But for...
I think there should be two versions. Both will sell in large volume I think 1. Consumer version. Pebble watch like but with apples spin on it. Limit sensors. Sells for $149-$179 This is the version for the mainstream. It'll be an accessory item with a low price point and low margins for apple. This should be adopted in mass due to the price point. 2. Health version. This will be FDA approved. It'll have all the health sensors rumored. It will check sugar, watch...
Dude, you should work for them. At least your analysis was based in some facts and common sense. I second your post. Do you have a wish list of what should be in the watch?
...dodo you have that link?
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