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Dude, you should work for them. At least your analysis was based in some facts and common sense. I second your post. Do you have a wish list of what should be in the watch?
...dodo you have that link?
You don't remove the battery. There's a USB slot u plug into the pack. Charges the pack and your phone at the same time.Check the specs for this product. This will sell!
Well...I like the rumor mills. Also I like knowing what's coming so I can budget some money in...even though I have no idea what that iwatch is gonna be priced. Figure anything above $129, I'll wait for the refresh and get the discounted model
The end goal is limiting trolls...via cc validation
Ok. Fair enough
I say a lot. I post on a motorcycle forum and they require a credit card. Annual subscription. Free for folks that want to browse. Cost to be able to post.Make it add free for incentive. But getting rid of that 1% troll would be worth it IMO. Trolls degrade the value of the site...high jacking an otherwise informative conversion on apple
I think I lost you.ProblemTrolls flooding AI. When the accts are determined to be troll owned, they are deleted. Trolls then simply create another acct and continue their rantsSolutionAll accts have a credit card on file that can be verified as being active(see pay pal as an example). If credit card is attached to a troll acct that card is blacklisted and the troll acct is denied login access to post on AI. IF a new acct attempts to use that credit blacklisted card, the...
Lol. I prefer they buy that next POS. They don't deserve to own an idevice
Not credit check. U submit a credit card attached to your acct. that's no different than if it was a pod site except you're not paying anything
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