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like color really matters. after cracking my screen, twice, iphone now sits in an otterbox. what good is a flashy back, no matter how gorgeous that damn gold looks, when you cant show it off. besides, im more interested in IOS 7 then the actual hardware upgrade.
ROTFL are you saying you dont pork and beef to go with your milk
true,true but i think the hammer hitting the nail is being label as violating antitrust laws. having that over your head could bring a ton of unwanted government attention and possibly easier cases made against you.
Damn imessages! I had TWO(2) messages go out as text, that counted towards my unlimited text plan. unacceptable. jokes aside, apples doing a great job. I'm waiting for them to become a data only carrier...optimized for IOS devices. i think that would be a multiplier effect where android users would drop their devices and flock to apples idevices just to use their competitvely priced network.
what needs to happen is once youve been found guilty of enough infringements all your future related products should be vetted by the courts BEFORE release. thatll balance out the traction you gained from ill gotten use of patents in your prior products. when a company sees their next best thing stalled for 6 months by the courts, while their competitor is beating them to market, im sure theyll rethink how they build their stuff.
idk about that. folks are quick to whip out their ipod and snap photos. my 12 yr old pics and vids all day. for the ipod, both are important. the ipad...you can get away with an acceptable rear but quality front camera.folks w an ipad are pribably taking pics with their iphone. there are some cases though when i film with the ipad. id rather have the videos already on the ipad than taking extra steps to get it on there
side bar: what i think apple needs to do is buy a carrier. or bandwidth and have mobile services thats caters specifically to ios
what he said
if hes a hedgefund manager there wont be a trial. and youll be forced to pay for what he stole...go capitalism and lobbyist.sorry, off topic
if foxconn sharp and everyone else can pull it off why not apple
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