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There's a difference between liking Apple products and being willing to stand in line for 12 hours, or camp out for a couple days just to get the latest device. I've been using Apple products since 84. Over the years I've owned a Mac Plus, Centris 660AV, Tangerine G3 iMac. 17" iMac. Mac Mini, 1st gen iPad, iPod Gen 3, iPod gen 4, iPod Touch 5th gen, and a 6th gen Nano. They were all great products and I'd highly recommend them. I'd have the phone too if it weren't for the...
Sad to say, but ethics is sorely lacking in our "civilization." Nice to see one of those occasional reminders it isn't completely absent.  As for the move to a subscription based service, it does mean you essentially pay forever, but you really had to do that before. There seems to be a requirement for endless upgrades of system software, applications, & utilities just so you can function. If you don't it's only a matter of few months before issues start to creep in. And...
Not that his is important in any way, but what I'd heard back in 85 was that it was a bite, and that it implied taking a bite of fruit from the tree of knowledge. It also suggests byte.  I'm curious, what do you think Tom or Richard will say?
Hey Carly, thanks for the Agilent spin off. Not that Agilent is doing that great, but Agilent stock is right about where it was 12 years ago at the IPO, whereas HP is down about 55-60%. Plus, Agilent has made a profit every quarter this last year (about 12% margin), and 4 of the last 5 years, and nearly broke even that 5th year. HP Scientific Instruments. 
One of the better points I've ever read on this site over the years.
I'd have to agree with you. Though, making simple icon design changes doesn't really rise to the level of building on the work of others except maybe in the 3rd grade.  "If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants" - Newton
Well, it is their own business as well as everyone else's business. The year isn't 1600, and today, how everyone conducts their business has an effect on everyone else. Also, while you are correct in saying their position is extremist, they don't get to dictate much of anything to anybody. Sure, they can lobby the government with their limited budgets, and they can try to sway popular opinion. I doubt they really have that much effect in the grand scheme of things.
It's not $500 BILLION.... it's only a half trillion.
    Well, there are some Americans and other Westerners who fight for dignity and ethics as a principle. I think there are many who believe they are supporting those principles, but they have actually just consumed too much Koolaid. The so called free market gets people to support or fight for dignity & ethics & freedom... when the market place can make money at it.     
Uhmmm... So I have iPhoto & iMovie on my Mac Mini, and the mini doesn't have a camera. So why should a camera be needed when using these apps on an iPad? Other than some engineer wrote the code that way... or maybe I should ask, is there some hidden benefit in not allowing the original iPad to run iPhoto... beside coercing users to upgrade?
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