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hmmmm, OK, as it happens someone at work had some spare RAM which I have just fitted and the tone has gone away. Now I get a chime every time but neither pressing C or D during boot seem to make any difference I still get the "reset" screen any ideas anyone?
I haven't tried a system disk boot - I assume I can use the Leopard DVD for this, I'll try tonight. Thanks for the advice.
Hi Folks, I have a 2006 Mac Mini 2.0Ghz/2Gb and am having some problems. Initially it was not booting, the screen was blank although the power light came on. I then opened it up and pressed the firmware reset which fixed the blank screen problem. However, If I power it on now with a short press on the power button I get a chime and the "reset the system" essage in four languaegs If I power it on with a long press on the power button I get a rapid set of...
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