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What's the best way to tell if a game such as RTCW or Warcraft 3 is dual processor aware. I know that you can look at the processor view to tell but RTCW won't allow window view so that I can see both at once. Such specs don't seem readily availible on their web pages. Cheers, BVD
I might get to run my dual gig through the ropes tonight, but as a side note Ottomatic doesn't come with the machines anymore (to my dismay). Or atleast it's not preinstalled.
"Removing the internal modem BTO when you actually KNOW you need it, just to potentially save 20$ is really, really stupid. The seperate piece you'll have to get is going to cost you at least twice that of the internal one you discarded...." Right, I get that part. But do you know where I can actually purchase one now that I know I need one?
I just recieved my new Dual Gig "wind tunnel" and I had a few problems installing some of the parts from my old B&W. First off I went to install a extra ATA 66 drive and I needed to change the jumpers on the built in ATA 100 drive but I couldn't get the ATA100 Chasis out. They have a great design were you just pull a tab and it all comes out. That worked great on my ATA 66 chasis but the ATA 100 tab was really stuck. I finally got it out but then the chasis it self still...
Ok first post. I just got my Dual Gig through the mail yesterday. I had a Ti card installed but no airport. I also ordered it at around 7:30 AM the day they were announced. Some notes on my computer: 1. It is louder then my previous 400MHz G3 B&W, but that's the cost of progress I suppose. 2. I love it already. 3. It looks really good in the flesh, so to speak. I have a few questions though. I went to install a extra ATA 66 drive and I needed to change the jumpers on the...
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