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"at no additional cost." Really?!
Ping? What is that?!
(cathode ray) tube. Happy now?! :)
I cannot believe that one iPad is lighter than one of those tub-based TV produced 20 years ago!!! ;)) Go iPad, revolutionize the 20 years ago technology so bloggers can blog about such an innovative product and keep the news paper's front page busy with! ;))  (And can be rented for ONLY 22 sings, now that is something! Well, I'll bring mine then, no thank you renting it!)
this s#it will never end....
maybe Lumia WAS the best smartphone ever... for last week ;)))
"One in four iPad purchases are made by first-time Apple owners" <- now this is something.
is there any difference between the ones manufactured in Brasil and the ones manufactured in China? I think they are exactly the same. So, what's this fuss about (for the rest of the world, as they may sell cheaper in Brasil eventually)?
everybody, move the camping tents to Walmart, now, go go go!!! )
New Posts  All Forums: