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Actually I was referring to OS X Mail app in 10.11.1. It just recently took a dump on me and stopped working as it did. iOS 9.1 Mail works perfectly for me.
I hope this fixes the weird Mail issue I all of a sudden started having. Mail won't connect to my main POP email server to get email, connects to my Gmail account fine though. I've tried deleting and recreating the account, but it still is not working. I can send an email through it, just won't download new ones. Get the "account error" icon. Very annoying. My mail app on my iPhone (iOS 9.1) works perfectly with the same settings/accounts.   Current build of Thunderbird...
What do you think AMD will do here in the near future? Sell or get purchased by a competitor? I don't foresee Intel buying them up, but are their graphics tech still competitive in the market?   http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/10/amd-announces-quarterly-loss-of-197-million-its-fourth-straight-loss/
Well good to know now. I updated to 10.11 and it cleared the issue up at the moment.
I enjoyed the Isaacson book. Steve was a complicated human being, just like the rest of us. No one will ever be able to truly capture him, and how he was to those who knew him the closest I would think.
Yep, much snappier than 10.10. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going on the performance.
Traded in my 5 for a 6S on Friday after work at Best Buy. Got a good trade in price for it, could not be happier with my 6S so far.
Bout damn time. I like to remove apps I don't use or need. They just take up precious space I could be using for other apps and media.
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