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Is it just me, or did the latest version of iTunes change to where when your view your music in album view it doesn't show the album songs slightly greyed-out when that album is unchecked. I thought this was a handy visual prompt to see what albums are being synced or not. Anybody see this differently? Or is this an actual change in the app?
I'm glad they addressed the orientation bug. Finally! So far so good!
So far so good! 
Another hypothetical scenario. If I as a private cake baking business owner had a customer come in and request to have me make a cake that had  "Kill all Heterosexuals" on it,  I would probably refuse them my service for that particular cake.  Why? Because it's promoting violence against a set of individuals who were born a certain way.  If that person wants to make that cake on their own, or take it to another baker they are more than free to do so. However, making a cake...
The only scenario that would imply refusing to serve someone that is legal I can think of, is at a bar where the bartender refused to serve someone if they are visibly drunk.
As a fellow mid-westerner (Ohio originally) but living in Portland OR. now, this sickens me. Blatant discrimination. Who the f*&% in their right mind could not see this for what it is? Indy's governor should be asked to resign. What a jackass. All anybody has to do is replace 'gay' with 'black' to get the point.
I have nice wireless 3 button/scroll wheel from Logi too. Apple has never designed a good mouse IMO. Ever.
I second that sentiment. I've always used a 3rd party mouse. 
No, after reading what it is, but what's that have to do with my comment?
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