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What would be totally kick-ass is for them to somehow put a full frame sensor into the iPhone, they could still stay at 8MP as well. That would be interesting. Don't see that happening, but I wonder if it's even possible? They would probably have to make the lens bigger I would imagine.
Smart move on their part. 8MP is totally fine for a 8x10in prints and happy snaps. The problem I see is the zoom factor and image fidelity. If people want a prof-grade camera they have the option to purchase an SLR with all its bells-n-whistles. If Apple keeps improving the camera system/lenses and sensor fidelity, I think they can stay at 8 for quite some time.
Why the hell doesn't Apple just buy Nividia or AMD and get its desktops all the GPU power they need? I'm sure they could with one of them.
So I have a Seagate Central NAS drive on my wifi network, and by default it has a 'public' folder setup on it that is open to anyone on the network. I have created a private user folder on it (with a login name & password) and was wondering how secure and private it is when the drive is connected to my router? Can my ISP for example, see it and its contents? If so, what can I do on my Mac to secure it and still use it in my home over my wifi network?   Thanks for any...
So having spent some time playing around with the public beta of Yosemite, I have to say my transparency concerns are ebbed. The transparent aspects of the UI inside the OS/ apps is very subtle and not destracting. I do like the dark mode and having the nice simple dock back. Much easier to see which aps are running now. I will look forward to seeing the evolution of it in new beta's as they arrive. Other than that, my only issue, is that it takes it a bit to boot up and...
Great article. I am no tech guru, but I think Google and MS have similar problems by not focusing on a just a few key items, and perfecting those, before releasing them to the general user. Someone mentioned that on here as well, and I think the article writer did too. Google massive 'Skunkworks' like factory, where they are seemingly working on all kinds of stuff, might be good & bad. After Jobs came back into the Apple fold he cut all the dead-end projects and had the...
Will this be bigger than the Pentagon? It looks like it! Damn!
I wish Hulu would stop using f'ing flash.
I second that notion. Software is where they should continue in. Leave the OS/hardware market. They produce the tackiest HW. Sans the XBox. That seemed to have worked for them, except didnt they lose money producing it or whatever?
It seems to me like every time Apple is rumored to come out with something brand new, Samsung or MS shortly thereafter have rumors of their hardware foray of similar regard. Apple should just make something up as a leak and see if MS or Samsung then copy it immediately just to embarrass them. Granted it is impossible to know who thought up what first, but still, it really does appear that way.
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