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I won't argue PS's abilities, but it has had a 20+ yr head start in the pc graphics world. However, given what this app can do and for how small it is, says a good amount with its programming. Your other mention about Apple not unseating certain pro apps... I think Final Cut Pro is a good example of that. Granted they didn't invent it, but have been developing it since they bought the original piece of software. If memory serves.
What!?  You're crazy! Floating windows are a pain! Too much clutter! But that's just my opinion.
true..yeah that is a big negative in my book as well. I'm actually surprised they haven't fixed that floating window issue yet.
Apple should buy this company (to back it with more $ and dev resources) and start working on a major PS competitor. This app is already shaping up to be just that.
The only thing I've noticed so far is the in the App Store app, and how it doesn't remove updated apps from its list once they are done. Anybody else notice this quirk? Im sure it will be addressed in a update, but not sure if it is an actual purposeful feature or not.
No, I don't think Win 8 has them. When Safari got tabs, that's when Apple should have implemented them into the Finder...just my 2 cents. Very handy.
No, I meant for the Finder getting tabs.
I'm looking forward to this update. Lots of nice under the hood items. Finder tabs...finally! I wonder what the holdup was?
MS should stick with making software.. which can be a pain-in -the-ass to use as well, but they really need to give up with hardware making and blatantly copying Apple. Badly. Seriously MS, stop trying to make hardware. Give it a f'n rest. Please.
My only critique of iOS7 is that of the typography. It looks too much like Android for starters. That and it is too thin. Makes it hard to read the interface a tad...I appreciate the bolder font usage in 6 and previous. Too bad you couldn't get an option to 'bold' the type. Other than that I like the other UX/UI changes they've made
New Posts  All Forums: