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MS should stick with making software.. which can be a pain-in -the-ass to use as well, but they really need to give up with hardware making and blatantly copying Apple. Badly. Seriously MS, stop trying to make hardware. Give it a f'n rest. Please.
My only critique of iOS7 is that of the typography. It looks too much like Android for starters. That and it is too thin. Makes it hard to read the interface a tad...I appreciate the bolder font usage in 6 and previous. Too bad you couldn't get an option to 'bold' the type. Other than that I like the other UX/UI changes they've made
With flash HD memory they were able to scale it down tremendously, as well as to not include an optical drive...So I imagine they wanted to really amp up the IO and processing specs hence the smaller form factor. You can just plug in external devices and get fast IO...As far as upgrading it...that will be interesting to see.
I like the fact they have an actual visual designer in charge and not a programmer of the UI. Granted Ivy is a industrial designer and not a graphic designer, but still a designer none-the-less.
Yeah I think it happens to me with multiple tabs open and then trying to close one..the hanging happens.. very annoying.
Yep exactly! Very odd. So I am not crazy! Thanks. Minor bug if it is one. Hopefully it has been reported or already identified.
Has anyone noticed in Safari, (most current build) that there might be a bug with closing tabs. I've noticed it a few times when trying to just close a tab, it takes a few moments of clicking on one to close it. It's like it is unresponsive for a few seconds. Very odd. It is very random unfortunately, but has occurred more than once. Anybody else experience this?
I would stick with 8MP and just improve the sensor and optics with a wider aperture...Unless they plan on bumping up the storage capacity, 12mp images and full HD video will eat up a good chunk of storage... You can make great 8x10 prints from 8MPs. More MPs doesn't always = better images...
That's why I still enjoy my iPhone4.
Those programmers are missing a few things it seems...
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