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Surprise surprise! (Gomer Pyle voice)
This was a great read to start my workday!
If your 2007 MacPro can run 10.6, I'd update to that. Great update that was. 10.7 was a step back in my opinion and not worth even considering after I used it. Overall, you still have plenty of life left in that sucker given that it is a desktop.
Just have to wait and see people.... geesh.
I agree. iOS 8 should be a nice update.
I'm enjoying iOS7 however there is definitely room for more improvement on it. The UI in some areas is too simple and too CLOSE together! Space between buttons is a good thing. I've read 7.1 makes some more UI improvments.
My gut tells me Apple will buy this app eventually. It just seems so right. It will be a big PS competitor down the road for sure.
I won't argue PS's abilities, but it has had a 20+ yr head start in the pc graphics world. However, given what this app can do and for how small it is, says a good amount with its programming. Your other mention about Apple not unseating certain pro apps... I think Final Cut Pro is a good example of that. Granted they didn't invent it, but have been developing it since they bought the original piece of software. If memory serves.
What!?  You're crazy! Floating windows are a pain! Too much clutter! But that's just my opinion.
true..yeah that is a big negative in my book as well. I'm actually surprised they haven't fixed that floating window issue yet.
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