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Ive been using a my B&W G3/300 for 6 yrs come this may, but with a little help maxing out the ram to a gig helps a lot. It has been serving me fairly well. Its just that the software that is coming out wont run very well or not at all with my machine...and of course it being kinda slow... I am on the upgrade train as well, and just waiting and hoping to a get a dual something-or- other PM when ever the next update comes out...I shall save my pennies and tax return until...
Im have B&W G3 and am thinking of putting a new internal HD in it. It has a 33 bus in it, will a 133 ATA HD or higher work at all ? Will the factory bus speed have any problems with a faster HD?
those are nice screens, I was checking those out I believe at best-buy..Im looking into a flat screen as well.
Of course! why not it was the same rumor mill with the G5 I remember reading/ hearing whether the next apple chip was going to be called the G5, and viola! it was! so a G6 is a no brainer. They could of course surprise everyone and have another name for it when there next line of chips comes out..
yes defiantly get rid of the extra languages if you dont need them ( if you installed them from the get go that is.) Do a search for .lproj files that aren't english and delete them. It frees up a decent chunk of HD space, as far as processes go, the processes that are running under "root" user are required for normal use, from what Ive read, but Im not 100% sure. so I wont tell you to tun off certain ones. Heres a good link to give you an idea of what the major processes...
I got my problem solved, I didnt have my mp3's on my HD anymore (needed to free up room), since its only a 12gb, and I have about 4gb of mp3's. anyhow I used tinkertool to do the trick, so I was able to get them off the ipod back onto my hd and reformat it to mac and update the software. As you probably know, when you do an automatic sync with the ipod with itunes, the ipod will delete songs if it doesnt match whats on your HD, which is what I experienced when I first got...
Is there a way to get the songs off the ipod manually ( without deleting them) once you put them on there? I mean its basically a HD, but when you open it up on the desktop the music files are hidden. My reason being I want to back up my mp3's and reformat the ipod as mac format instead of the win format, which it currently is ( I bought it used). Any suggestions or is it even possible?
ramseeker.com I ordered some for G3 there. works fine
Hey guys , heres my problem, just bought a Lacie external dvdrw/cdrw burner and it wont burn discs, I get this error message , even when trying to burn a small kb file. "the drive reported an error: Sense key=Hardware Error Sense Code= 0x08, 0x03 LOGICAL UNIT COMMUNICATIONS FAILURE" The drive can read discs fine and play a dvd, but wont burn via Toast 6.0.7, via FWire. Im running a BW G3, 300 mhz, 1GB ram, 10.3.6. Im guessing my HD drive speed isint fast enough...
well what I was referring to,( which you probably know) was responsiveness of menus and scaling windows, scrolling through web pages, opening windows/ folders basically. However OS9 pales, and is a joke, in comparison to X in regards to stability/ crashing & freezing, memory management etc.
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