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LOL! no kidding!.. M$ engineers are fools to say that is what will be needed to run Shlonghorn..1 TB of HD space , just to run the OS..jeezus.
After you install search for ".lproj" files and delete the ones that aren't english. you'll free up some HD space.
Yes Panther runs quite well on my B&W G3 powermac. It is only 300mhz but I maxed out the ram to 1gb so THAT really helps! Ram really helps older macs run OSX better, that and a faster HD. I installed 10.3 on my housemates 500mhz iMac but she had just 128mb of ram on it, and got the evil spinning beach-ball icon a shit load. If she were to have say 512 of ram Im sure it would have run way better, so I ended up just removing it since it was hindering her productivity.
That is a solution, however I have the same issue of downloading some images off the web and or email attachments, and OSX saves them without the actual picture preview just the generic 'preview' icon app pic. The weird thing in PS is that if you save as " jpeg" PS creates an actual icon pic thumbnail, but if you save for web "jpg" it creates a PS icon and no preview of the actual pic, even when in the column view in OSX. Kinda odd?
what is the use of a dual core? what does it mean exactly as far as performance?
I agree with the prior posts Apple has it shortcomings and Im a die hard mac supporter. Apple needs to put in its pro machines, really good top O the line hardware and include a f#@$%! monitor with it, like the PC world does! Damn! when will they get it?? Plus put more RAM into the machines at least a gig to be nice. I bet there profits would go waaay up if they included a monitor with in the price of the towers. Plus the top end GFX card as well. Being charged more...
I do beleive the G4 was dubbed the first "super comp" when it came out, and that is why it couldn't be sold in certain countries...if you all remember. Why is Apple rehashing the same advert propaganda again?
Yea Id second that...
What do you all think will be the new specs for the next PM line? I soooo want to get a new PM, my 300mhz G3 is almost as ancient as the Rolling Stones...When is the next "unveiling" of new hardware suppose to be after Aug? Is it in Jan?
The machine looks kinda clunky, like the the early 80's desktop macs..I dont know...
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