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Thats not surprising...The last thing I did was to reisntall OS 9.2 and that still didnt help..same error message, Im thinking that when I installed 10.3, it wasnt able to "update" the classic file on my OS 9 partition from the get go. So I have a bad feeling Ill have to reinstall 10.3 and see if it will fix the error. Ugh, which takes so damn long...waiting..etc but not until I here more suggestions from the people.
Im running 10.3.2 and when I try to launch classic I get this error message There is a problem updating the classic specific files- classic was unable to update its files in "system folder"on "OS 9" Ive tried repairing permissions to os 9 and rebuilding the desktop for 9 under 10.3 but no luck, any suggestions?
reinstall worked thanx! alls well!
Alright Ill try and reinstall the os, see if that works, "fingers crossed"
yea the cd works , thats how i installed 10.3 from the boot disk, its just after I installed it and restarted , the circle slash happened
yea I installed 10.3 last night with no error messages as far firmware needed to be updated etc, and now 10.3 will start up with the grey apple screen and then after a long while the apple turns into a circle slash, like the "ghost busters" logo.. and it just sits in limbo. with no error messages. Heeeelllllppppp! this sux! Im on a B&W G3 300 mhz 512ram, I upgraded from 10.2.8
Which is better? or is that not an issue. will osx apps work in UFS format? like adobe software and other big names etc. Ive read different things, but am still clueless
Cool, thanx for the info, I figured you probably could but I wanted to check. Im getting tired of keeping all the other versions around..cd's piling up and all.
check out macdesktops.com for a good variety to choose from, they have some really nice ones.
Just a quick question for you all, can I get rid of my previous versions of osx and just keep 10.3. Is 10.3 a whole copy so to speak, in that I dont need previous versions to install it, like if I were to zero my drive and install just 10.3 first on it. I cant remeber hearing anything on this, thats why Im asking.
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