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I do beleive the G4 was dubbed the first "super comp" when it came out, and that is why it couldn't be sold in certain countries...if you all remember. Why is Apple rehashing the same advert propaganda again?
Yea Id second that...
What do you all think will be the new specs for the next PM line? I soooo want to get a new PM, my 300mhz G3 is almost as ancient as the Rolling Stones...When is the next "unveiling" of new hardware suppose to be after Aug? Is it in Jan?
The machine looks kinda clunky, like the the early 80's desktop macs..I dont know...
I second that. Lets hope the Florida voting admin won't get bought out and corrupted again...
yep, you can trash em with no problems what so ever.
my system folder for 10.3.4 is only 737.3MB, becaue I got rid of all the .lproj files that were not english, there like 100's of them...from a tip like a yr ago in mac addict mag, to help free up HD space. plus my HD is only 12GB partitioned in 2 with X on one and 9 on the other.
So I guess my next question would be, what would make a supposed 64 bit chip a true 64 bit?
so tiger is still not a "true" 64 bit? what abou the G5 processor is that a true 64 bit chip? from what Ive been reading it sounds like the G5 isin't, even though its being marketed as such. or am I waaay wrong? what about the rest of the chip manufacturers out there, are their chips true 64 bit?
I use limewire and am wondering if it intalls spyware on my mac, and if so, where do I find it to get rid of it?
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