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I second that. Lets hope the Florida voting admin won't get bought out and corrupted again...
yep, you can trash em with no problems what so ever.
my system folder for 10.3.4 is only 737.3MB, becaue I got rid of all the .lproj files that were not english, there like 100's of them...from a tip like a yr ago in mac addict mag, to help free up HD space. plus my HD is only 12GB partitioned in 2 with X on one and 9 on the other.
So I guess my next question would be, what would make a supposed 64 bit chip a true 64 bit?
so tiger is still not a "true" 64 bit? what abou the G5 processor is that a true 64 bit chip? from what Ive been reading it sounds like the G5 isin't, even though its being marketed as such. or am I waaay wrong? what about the rest of the chip manufacturers out there, are their chips true 64 bit?
I use limewire and am wondering if it intalls spyware on my mac, and if so, where do I find it to get rid of it?
When the app is open and running I can open the files with it using the browser or file open method. I have my .jpg & web graphic files set to open when clicked on with the preview app as the default for viewing purposes, but PS can open them if Im in PS and do file open or use the browser. PS(when running or not) will not open files by dragging the file onto the doc icon whether it is a psd or jpg file etc.. too weird.
Im using 10.3.4, and I can open the file within PS by file open..and right click to 'open with' comand works, but it appears if I try a .jpg or any psd file type and drag it onto the doc icon it does turn dark but doesn't open the file even if it's already running..hmmmm damn..annoying. I know it works because I was on another mac 2 days ago and that method worked fine.
Has anyone had any problem opening up pics in PS CS by draging the pic onto the doc icon and have PS open the pic. Ive tried doing it but it wont work for whatever reason...tried deleting the prefs...no-go still, but haven't reinstalled it yet though..any other ideas?
it is a whopping 5 yrs old, however it gets the job done, just a bit slower obviously
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