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actually Id like to know what the processes are and what they are doing exactly. Like when you highlight one, it would tell you some where what it does and why it is running etc..that way you know if you need it on or not.
Hold on a sec....a mac from my knowledge can't get a PC virus since a PC virus is programmed for windows...and OSX is not windows last time I checked. So he/you might not have a "virus" per say, maybe corrupted prefs, user prefs etc...
I agree with johnq, it would be nice to option cick a app off with the red button, or have a pref to do it. We need more of those options. Also, Im all for the zippiness that OS9 had, I hope apple continues to hone later verions of OSX to be as responsive as possible, just as much as OS9. Especially on older powermacs, I use a B&W G3 300 with 512 ram, which helps, but the quicker the better for me.
This surprised me a little, MS is so f*&(&^! blatantly unoriginal that they even copied the look of the OSX dock app! gimmie a friggin break! Apple really needs to sue their asses again.. http://pcdesktops.emuunlim.com/pictu...3/longhorn.jpg
thanx for the info and Im a idiot who didnt look deep into the bowls of the forums to answer my question..oh well..
question does anyone have a suggestion on what brand of cdr discs to use when making music comps. ie: which brands dont scratch up as fast and what not...thanx for any suggestions.
I couldn't agree more
Didn't MS Win 95 rip off the Mac GUI in the beginning and Apple sued them but never won for whatever reason (insert conspiracy theory here)....so Apple should just FU to MS and advertise a far superior OS. right?
yep that was it...geesh I feel like an idiot for not noticing that before! I was just in there today earlier and didn't see it, thanx!
heres a weird quirk I noticed after installing the update, I have Safari and iCal set to launch when I start up/ log in and they used to stay up in the screen when launched ie the interface of the app, now iCal launches stays up for split sec and the window disappears and the safari window never comes up but they are running of course, just there respective windows are not up like they used to. any suggestions?
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