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Yeah I think it happens to me with multiple tabs open and then trying to close one..the hanging happens.. very annoying.
Yep exactly! Very odd. So I am not crazy! Thanks. Minor bug if it is one. Hopefully it has been reported or already identified.
Has anyone noticed in Safari, (most current build) that there might be a bug with closing tabs. I've noticed it a few times when trying to just close a tab, it takes a few moments of clicking on one to close it. It's like it is unresponsive for a few seconds. Very odd. It is very random unfortunately, but has occurred more than once. Anybody else experience this?
I would stick with 8MP and just improve the sensor and optics with a wider aperture...Unless they plan on bumping up the storage capacity, 12mp images and full HD video will eat up a good chunk of storage... You can make great 8x10 prints from 8MPs. More MPs doesn't always = better images...
That's why I still enjoy my iPhone4.
Those programmers are missing a few things it seems...
Google needs to stick with what they do best. Which is not to try and pull off being a computer manufacturer. Same goes for MS. Stick with your software folks. Make that better, easier, etc...just my 2cents.
I think the version after 10.9, Apple might forgo the public numerical naming, and just use OS X (insert supplemental secondary animal or thing name here). Just a hunch, but who knows.
I got to handle on of those big screen phones last night. The one in the photo I believe. The screen is great, but just waaay to big for a phone when I held it. However the guy who had it wanted something that was not a full tablet but also a phone.. he got what he wanted from the sound of it. I don't think Apple will do this.
Soon very soon I bet.
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