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I finally figured out the problem!!!! It was in the Mail apps prefs advanced tab section. The port number that was being used 9XX or whatever, and not port 25. That's what has been causing my sending problem! I changed it to 25 and BAM! Test email sent instantaneously! Happy day!
I have been using other email clients for a while now because Mail in OSX 10.7 and the last few releases has not been working as it should. Problem is when trying got just send a simple email. Mail hangs (in sending mode) for a very long time and never seems to connect to the out going smtp server, if at all. My other email clients, (Thunderbird, Postbox) work fine. They send the email almost instantaneously. Connect to the smtp outgoing server fine. Everything is set...
Yeah you're right, I just double checked on Wiki...My bad. Based on what saw with the video preview, it just felt like a SL update...nothing really mind blowing, but who knows what else they have in store.
10.8 is basically how 10.6 was for 10.5...a small maintenance update with some new features. Or at least that's how view it.
Pure awesomeness! Lucky kids!
Wow, just wow.... seriously? If you can't innovate, imitate!
Some good stuff in there I would bet that will happen, just makes sense. Multicore, bigger storage, faster ram use for sure, that's where we are headed obviously. The 3D stuff, I'm not so sure about. That still seems a ways out maybe, as I don't see a rationale for it (yet) IMO. But who knows.
I agree. I think Apple will continue using OS X 10.8, .9 etc...for a little while longer unless like stated above they completely rework the OS and UI etc. I'm quite happy with it. Haven't updated to Lion yet, as there are no huge features that I really need. SL is treating me fine. Ill wait and see what 10.8 brings though. Or if get a new Mac before then and Lion is installed, then that's cool too.
Well said! ditto ⬆x2 I have full confidence in the team Steve had put together before he passed. I think the next ten years will be even more interesting in what Apple will bring to the forefront.
It should be fixed now.
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