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Actually Apple bought that tech from them since they were not doing anything with it. But Jobs saw the potential in it for computers. If my memory serves.
Boo f'n hoo. Apple's win in the court will make other companies get up off their asses and actually innovate instead of imitate.
The image speaks for itself. Before iPhone and after. Blatantly obvious.
My WiFi seems to have improved connectivity...but that may just be coincidence. This was a small update from the App store. It only registered 7.8 MB for me.
Yep... it does. If this lasts for more than year or two after it ships (if)..then i will be shocked.
I imagine that Apple takes a little more time when developing the  HW & SW for the pro-user market, hence no comments in the public space and the longer wait for the new MacPro perhaps. It will be interesting to see what they do with it.
Would be cool to see a slight case redesign, but I likely doubt it. Either way, the current design still works. Just wish it was lighter. I remember my old G5 tower, man that was a beast to lug around.
Tried that. No dice.
Weird issue folks. Can't get the trash to empty the normal way, I have to use OnyX to do it. Checked system with disk utility etc and all checks out ok. Files that are trashed are not locked either. Has anybody else experienced this since updating to Lion? It just recently started, as when I first updated to Lion everything was working normally. No clue as to what could have caused this minor problem.
Has any body here noticed a longer lag time in logging off/ in and just booting up in general in Lion? (I'm running 10.7.3) I upgraded from SL a week and half ago, and just noticed it after I did. SL seemed way snappier when booting up from a cold start and logging in and out. \ I use Tinker Tool and have turned off the 'Resume' feature in much if not all the apps as well. Thought that might be the issue. Still notice the longer lag time.
New Posts  All Forums: