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Dude... I have said that myself.. hilarious.
The most laughable part of it is the, "Macs can take time to learn," "Macs don't work as well at work or school". I learned how to use a Mac when I was a kid by myself, in the 80's and it was the MS command line BS that I could not get...before Windows. I use a iMac at work on Win network currently, and used them all the time in HS and college. What a load of pathetic crap their pulling.
People need to take a zanax and realize that every piece of new hardware that any company manufactures will possibly have a flaw of some sort, just like an OS. Things can slip through the cracks from time to time. I am a firm supporter of not buying first gen of any new hardware. Wait till ver2.0 or maybe 3 so the bugs etc get found and fixed. I am debating on jumping back into getting a cell phone as I do not currently own one, so I will just sit back and wait for the...
That noise reduction looks fantastic. I'm impressed!
Just a quick question for anyone of yu using it VM on your Macs. Since installing the latest version of Ubuntu, I cannot get my keyboard to work with it in order to just simply login. I updated it to VM 3.1 and still no dice, my mouse works and whatnot, but not the keyboard, (my usb and MBPro keypad) and I get the VW tools update to work on the linux side when I go to do the 'update VM tools' command, nothing seems to happen. Any ideas? Should I reinstall Ubuntu?
Great article link!
Hilarious! Good one!
Oooh yes the MS Store! How is that venture going I wonder?
Yeah it should be no problem, but I figured I'd post my issue here first to see if it was normal at all. This is my first laptop, and like I said I just turned on my wireless router this evening to do some surfing in my living room when I noticed the charge time. I even set my grafx card to the better battery life setting, and still it only gave me 3 hrs? I was surprised to say the least.
I have a late 2008 MBP 2.66, and I just started using my wireless router and was doing some simple web surfing/ email, when I noticed my full battery was only good for a little over 3 hrs! What the F!? I usually have it plugged in, this is the first time I have been using it (for a long period of time) wirelessly. It is a refurb which I bought in Oct. Any idea if I should have the battery replaced?
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