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Well said! ditto ⬆x2 I have full confidence in the team Steve had put together before he passed. I think the next ten years will be even more interesting in what Apple will bring to the forefront.
It should be fixed now.
That is the truth, but I think the Asian market in general is all copy/ ripoff. Take a look here at this photo I took on a train into Seoul last year.Look closely and see. Pretty amazing that the North Face company hasn't gotten wind of it.
No doubt!
10.5 is working now. But I am back to my original problem when Itunes 10.4 came out. I can not drag drop songs from my library into a new playlist I made. the drag n drop functionality is locked or whatever, will not work. I can right mouse click on the song and use the contextual menus to 'add to" but not the easy drag n drop. Hence I reverted back to tunes 10.3 and everything was as it should be with the drag n drop functionality. Any ideas with what the issue could...
Holy shit! I just waited a few minutes... and I tried launching it again and it worked! I am totally clueless with what it could have been.
Arrgghhh! Still no dice. itunes 10.5 (under 10.6.8 w/all updates installed) will not launch. Hangs completely every-time. I've reset the pram, fixed disk permissions, reinstalled twice. Still a no go. >
Will do that. I got it to download from the site and it installed successfully, but it still hangs when trying to launch it. Does iTunes have any issues when 10.6 is booted in to the 64bit kernel? Mine is booted in 64bit mode, and itunes 10.3 worked fine.
Figured it out in Firefox. It was a script blocker extension that was the issue. I "allowed Apple.com" and it is now downloading.
Been trying to, the page won't load completely in Safari, and I can't get the dl button to do it. Very odd. I'm guessing Apple is having some issues...It also won't work in Firefox. I can get the button on the page that says "download itunes 10.5'" but nothing happens when I click on it. DL doesn't start.
New Posts  All Forums: