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Been trying to, the page won't load completely in Safari, and I can't get the dl button to do it. Very odd. I'm guessing Apple is having some issues...It also won't work in Firefox. I can get the button on the page that says "download itunes 10.5'" but nothing happens when I click on it. DL doesn't start.
Having issues with mine. I downloaded through Software update and now itunes won't launch. I get message "this version of itunes is not properly configured". Any ideas?
I updated iTunes to the latest version, but still no dice. Selecting one or more than one song title and trying to drag them over to a new playlist to be added does not work still. Only right mouse clicking and doing a 'add to' command works. Very odd.
I can't seem to drag and drop from my music library to a playlist...anybody else have this problem since updating ITunes? I can right mouse click and add to.. but not simply dragging and dropping onto a playlist.
Mine was 4XX as well, odd, it had all the updates before that. I wonder how people got just 275?
I don't think a new MBPro /laptops with touch screen is going to be released anytime soon. Jobs already mentioned that form factor not working comfortably well (people touching a vertical screen; iMac as well). The iPad/Pod/Phone is the easier format to do touch based interfaces. That is why Apple has the trackpads on laptops and the new external one for touch interfacing with your desktop PC. Built in BD capability would be nice for backing up data. I would love to be...
Good one! Hah!
Exactly. It is very odd that they keep getting changed. I'm thinking it has to be something web app based, but that is a totally uneducated guess!
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