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Anyone know if his father did indeed meet him?
Only because your brain forces you to read it in your head in his voice.When I read Michael Dell's I half-expected him to say "I suppose you were right not to close the company and return the money to the share-holders"
So help me, if a talking paperclip or puppy tries to "help" me use After Effects things will get very ugly very quickly.
I only update my touch if it has a problem that I hope the update will correct.
So... does a simple cheap-as-free piece of electrical tape not work just as well as the $30 bumper?
Wow, you spent enough time not answering the question that you could be a CEO... or maybe a politician. You should run for Congress. You could be your party's designated fillibusterer.
Why do you keep repeating this and ignoring all the people telling you it's a good idea to kill a campaign before it gets stale?
Let's not forget that the phone was bricked. It doesn't look like any iPhone on the market. The only way to determine if it's really Apple's and not some kind of knock-off is to take it apart.
Haven't read all the posts, but I just wanted to share that I just checked my Touch moisture indicator and it's white. That's great, except it shouldn't be. I dropped it in the toilet a few weeks after I got it. It was completely submerged for at least 3 seconds. Maybe trapped air in the jack kept the water off the indicator, but either way it still lends credence to the "These things are worthless" camp.
I still see no reason to treat this article as anything other than the gospel truth.
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