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phone porn  
er ITO is used in almost all transparent electrodes. Its a big problem actually as indium is in short and dwindling supply. Any conductive coating with have some screening effect.  
I hope thunderbolt coming out on windows machines actually means I can buy a HD with it for less than a small fortune...   O.  
guess the battery will now only last 30 mins. These guys make horrible phones, my girlfriend had to send one back after a couple of days when she realised she would need to charge it during the day even before using 3G or wifi. lame...  
overdue - I like google maps but jeaz why doesn't it have a scale on the iPhone?  
Right. Standards please. Flash and whatnot are a right pain for screwing up even the most simple of tasks. Sure it maybe be mostly a mac problem but we hardly want to www to be run by one gang be it microsoft, apple or adobe. Open standards have to be the way forwards even if practically ever company is pushing some proprietary plugin to crash your browser with.
lol. fantastic!
I absolutely agree, what a total PR cock-up. Talk about not understanding universities at all...
Actually I think a more "techie" tablet makes a lot of sense and windows stands a better chance than android, at least in business areas. I love my ipad but still can't work out why I really need it, I find myself taking it along for the hell of it sometimes. That's part of the genius, almost a new product paradigm. The windows one is probably more practical but I doubt it will translate into comparable sales. Good luck to them though, competition is good.
ESRF: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=esrf&l...dius=0.27&z=17 APS: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Advanc...src=6&t=h&z=16 Diamond: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=diamon...15000&t=h&z=16 Yeah we have a many more of those in science facilities.... The concept of it being "green" without adequate public transport access is frankly laughable and unthinkable in the EU...
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