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almost bought one of those until i tried to use it. nice though.
eh? isn't OS X use growing? Ipod seems to be doing ok also.
try ordering one direct. did so in the UK when it said 3 weeks and it shipped a few days later. Can't complain about that
do you have to press the start button to switch it off?
My sentiments exactly, can't see the logic in this when the wait is 3-4 weeks in the uk and I think I was quoted either 7 or 9 in Germany. I hope they are ramping production and while they are at it coating the antenna...
wow you could probably be more unscientific if you tried but I am not sure... wait, try correlating global temperature with number of pirates. What a pathetic and pointless survey even if I am an iphone owner. lame.
lol, genius... can't fault that logic mate!
Right - but to be fair the industry (journalism) just doesn't have the resources to hire people who really know what they are talking about in engineering. Science is even worse, just look at all the crap about the LHC destroying the universe etc being reported like any scientist actually thinks that. controversy sells, and the next thing you know the largest network in the usa is denying evolution.
thatz not what he said at all, don't strawman him...
no, it was "talk to the right hand". left hand not so good for some. :P
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