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It seems a fairly underwhelming upgrade. But, like the man back on page zero said it's still an iPhone.   Therefore it'll be up there as one of, if not the best phone on release.
Wireless charging, NFC, great design and a nice camera. I'm interested to see what upgrades Apple makes to the next iPhone's camera, as this is noticeably better than what we're used to.  I'd hope people take notice of these Nokia phones, they're well designed and have some nifty features. These are looking very demo-able in-store.   One thing I wish these guys would steal from Apple is announcing both price and availability... from what I hear this won't be released...
Well said.How does AT&T feel about all this? Pushed their Windows Phone to the high heavens only to have it obsoleted in less than three months. Microsoft is screwing the carriers over (with this move and the integration of VOIP). They're not Apple, the Windows Phones just don't seem good enough. This coming from someone who thinks that Windows Phone is very good.
Screw the Dark Knight Lumia. Nokia needs to come out with an Iron Patriot design - they just Osborned their platform yet again!
Might be an in for Windows Phones... who knows. Something please besides Apple and Apple (2) - at this point the CE market is largely a meritocracy based on who can copy Apple the best. In the words of one Stephen A. Smith, Samsung are being SO DISRESPECTFUL. On the plus side for Samsung (and HTC who actually have original designs), these patents are surely due to expire soon.
Metro MDI for the iPad!   Seriously, aside from Excel which is just unbeatable, Office is awful to use. Functionality is great, but using it is painful. Don't get me started on tables in word! I couldn't imagine using it on the iPad, using 2010 on the Thinkpad or 2011 (since deleted) on the iMac have been frustrating to say the least.
  If you're talking about them protecting their IP in that first post, you need to step your game up.   This case is different from all that - if true it would be concerning. Apple doesn't even provide a competing subscription service!
[QUOTE=Jessi;2089514]Pay for it how? Google are going to get away with this from the looks of it. Android is a bigger threat to itself than any lawsuits. I do wonder though. Apple are going full pelt to protect their iOS IP but aren't suing all the Macbook Pro clone makers - what gives?
Android may be be bit shit, but I don't really see it as a mistake at least in concept. Google were right to try and protect themselves as they will get marginalised by mobile, but execution was ho-hum. It's difficult to see how Windows Phone will gain any meaningful share. I feel that while Android may become toxic to OEMs, Windows Phones aren't really a viable option. Maybe Apple wins this one for good, and Android gets proper relegated to the low end.
Is the 'Lumina' meant to be snide or a general misspelling? His Amazons link seems a bit suspect, the iPhone 3G 8GB is the best selling unlocked phone, unless that's just how things roll in the states. Now, about this Lumina phone, only drawback seems to be the screen. On the advertising side, yeah it's confrontational and this is an Apple site, but the Droid/iDon't etc. ads seemed to work don't they. AT&T want a new hero phone and the 900 may just fit the bill.
New Posts  All Forums: