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anonymouse is 100% right. The settlements are less an admission of liability than they are a yielding before the cost run up even more. The book industry is in dire straights.
Hmm. Without my desktop and its computing power where would I store and access my 4TB of music,TV shows and movies? Possible that stuff could all reside on the cloud and be accessed by my iPad, iPhone and AppleTV but still, being able to manipulate the whole catalogue on my home desktop (the hub) is still a very attractive proposition.
Okay, I have three iTunes accounts associated with stores in three different countries. I use my main account to establish connection with iCloud. Currently, I have about 23,900 songs matched to uploaded on the iCloud/Match system. All well and goo until I try to download a TV show using an account from another country. In order to accomplish this task, I have to use iTunes to connect with (let's say) the Australian iTunes service (for which I might have an account)....
Unfortunately, because of my job in a post secondary inst. I use FB all the time. Only way to stay in touch with students and student activities. I need this app yesterday.
See this news: http://ipwatchdog.com/2011/06/17/app...rder/id=17731/ I have never used a hack on an apple product but this will tip me over the edge. Nobody but the subject of my photography can to stop me from using my phone to take pictures or record video. What if I'm taking video of a band at a private garden party!!
I unplug the box and plug it in again. Solves the problem until the next time. I've had this problem with each of two ATVs that I own. Not a deal breaker but an annoyance.
I have 23,000 tracks on an external Drobo drive. I would like to access those thracks from work, on the road and from my holiday location in Paris, France. This service makes sense to me. Alternatives such as Orb are spottily performing stopgaps on the road to getting full access in an interfCe that makes sense ti iTunes users.
I don't thing there is much doubt about it. The ATV interface is a dream compared to that of the PS3. my wife is a techno peasant she uses ATV daily. I could not get her to understand the PS3 interface. Just getting to Netflix on the PS3 is an inelegant chore.
If the price of continuing to be regarded as a separate country is waiting for an iPad - I'll wait. Thanks all the same.
Normally, I do not start online comments with such a categorically strong statement as, not true. However, the treatment of minorities in Japan is legendary. I do not usually cite wikipedia but, please see here
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