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There's no real sense in Apple manufacturing a TV. There's too many brands out there (and a lot of cheap ones), plus, most people only buy a new TV every 10 or so years - where's the money in that. A set top box makes much more sense. Easier to ship, upgrade/add to, and compatible with everyone's existing tv, delivering content, apps, games, internet (done right) and so on. Think of is as iphone for your tv. A whole new, better way to use something that's been around for...
Doesn't seem to be able to do much except tell the time, according to the video.
Ironically, Microsoft has pretty much dropped support for Windows 8! Turns out no wanted a tile interface on a desktop.
Quite remarkable really. I'd challenge someone to find a three year old Android tablet that is (a) still running with good battery life, (b) running the very latest OS, and (c) able to run the latest apps. I'd also challenge someone to find a three year old windows tablet, but they didn't exist then. No future in this tablet "fad" according to Ballmer back then!
Have to say, that I think it's funny that now that all of the PC makers have moved away from 'towers' and finally copied (albeit very poorly) the iMac's all-in-one styling, what does Apple do? Release an awesome mini-tower that everyone wants!
Ahh, the same old Microsoft formula..... 1. Try and discredit any new Apple product as "gimmicks", "fads" and "useless" products that no one needs. 2. Work like crazy copying that new Apple product. 3. Release substandard copied product, claiming it as an innovative Microsoft product that everyone needs.
Actually, blue prints were still widely used in the 80s and 90s. Large format photocopying and plotting/printing was just starting to be used, in the 90s, however I remember using a machine at Uni in the 90s to copy my plans, which used chemicals to reproduce the plan onto special paper. Depending on the paper and chemicals used it could print in a blue tone, hence the name.....
In Australia, at least, it really comes down to price. The 5C handset sells at stores for $728 without a contract (16gb) and on a contract it sells for on $5 - $8 less than an iPhone 5S on the same contract. So whereas a 5S might be $72 per month over 24 months on a moderate contract, the 5C is $67 per month for the same contract - $5 difference per month. That's not enough to differentiate the models. I actually quite like the 5C handset, and think it will eventually do...
That ain't selling.
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