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Actually, I'm sure there is part-by-part copying - as I said, it's a lot easier to look at each part, it's function, design, location and to copy that, than to start with nothing and say ok, let's make a phone.
There's a difference between taking a great idea (ie. the mobile phone) and reinventing/redesigning it to be something even greater (ie. the iPhone), versus someone taking an iPhone, pulling it apart and copying it part-by-part, hardware and software. That's stealing someone else's hard work. It's really easy to be second when someone else has done all the hard work first.
Hmm... New AppleTV next week maybe? It's been way too long....
Code:Take note, as said previously, there is a left-handed version available.
If they made a teeny-tiny "women's" version it wouldn't be much use would it. The sizes they have chosen are correct.
- I'm fairly happy with my prediction (above) made before the event. I was going to look back through old AI posts to pull up some old responses to the iPad launch, which always give me a chuckle (remember all those posters saying "why would anyone buy a big iPhone", "nobody wants a tablet", "Tablets are a fad that will die in 6 months".... but alas, I couldn't go back that far in AI history). Well, I think those folks have jumped on AI again to give us some more pearls...
Glad you're happy with the price point.
The iWatch won't be round. It will be a tapered square, available in 2 sizes , but the same shape. It will be the software that sets it apart, and the wrist band / changing mechanism which will set it apart. Having a changeable wristbands is the kicker. It's easy to change the watch face through software, but having a range of quality changeable bands in different colours and finishes makes it fashionable, and opens up to third party manufacturers.
The "wish we could say more" is clearly a reference to the voice control / Siri2 that will be a part of the iPhone6 and IWatch and AppleTV4. Voice integration through all of these devices for a seamless experience.
It has a fan. LOL.
New Posts  All Forums: