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I disagree. I think branding someone a racist, when they're not, is just as bad as racism itself.
 Like wise, you shouldn't assume it's racism, without knowing the facts. That's just as bad.
LOL - that's the most ridiculous comment I've read. Get any random 12 people together in Australia an you'll likely have 12 different countries represented. Australians are certainly not racist by any stretch of the imagination.
NNothing is said about the colour of their skin being an issue either. That's just a conclusion that someone has jumped to.
The real racist people are those who automatically think that these people were asked to leave because of the colour of their skin. There's absolutely no reason to indicate that this was the reason they were asked to leave. They were carrying bags, they may have been acting suspiciously or mucking around. If it had been a group of suspicious looking white kids with bags that were asked to leave, would it have been racist? It's a shame that people who are just doing their...
I'd like to see Microsoft backup their claims about it being twice as fast as a MacBook Pro. It would be quite impressive if this were truly the case (I'm talking twice as fast at everything, which is what is suggested, video editing and rendering, network speeds, wifi speeds, read/write speeds etc.) but if not, I can see a class action coming to Microsoft very soon.
Interesting how all new laptops look just like Macs, kind of how how all smartphones looked like iPhones. Just coincidence I guess.
The thing was that, at the time, trying to run desktop-designed software on a touch device wasn't practical. The original SurfacePro's demonstrated this very clearly (Microsoft couldn't even GIVE them away). However, mobile processors, screens and batteries have come a long way since 2012, and it is inevitable that we will see convergence from Apple, but it will be a GOOD convergence experience rather than a BAD Microsoft one.
Perhaps the iRing [http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/10/01/apple-invents-ring-style-wearable-device-with-voice-control-haptics-cameras-and-more]  is actually a wireless controller for the EarPods....
How are they able to make a tablet that costs less than the price of an iPad cover?
New Posts  All Forums: