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This really does show the importance of being a market leader vs a market follower. Sometimes Apple's incessant habit of leaving behind older, popular technology (think floppy drives, ethernet ports, DVD/CD drives) while it's still at it's peak, can be frustrating, but I can see the importance of leading the market ahead rather than being left behind in the dust.
Not sure about the blonde hair though.
What about their content for Windows Phones... oh wait, nobody uses those.
You could always switch to the other wrist.
You don't get it. Apple gives the celebrities the watch, yes, but they don't then keep paying them to wear it.
For those who haven't figured it out, the strategy behind giving celebrities and fashion leaders an Apple Watch is quite simple. Think about the one problem that all the other smart watch makers have had trying to gain traction. Apple has to break the perception that smart watches are only for geeks, techno's or fitness freaks, who don't mind wearing rubber bands. That's why Samsung and co. have all failed. Watches are a fashion item. So if fashionable, artistic, "cool"...
Samsung has a new phone? Who new.
I suppose if you don't call having your hardware design, software design, advertising, packaging and a huge amount of IP blatantly and unashamedly copied to produce a billion dollar market, then yeah, no damage.
Reminds me of how Microsoft was going to revolutionise the music industry with their Microsoft Songsmith software - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oGFogwcx-E Yes, it was a real product and real advert, and it will absolutely crack you up.
But voice recognition on phones is just a gimmick that no one will actually use - according to Microsoft, when Siri was announced. Oh, that's right, if a Microsoft device doesn't have a feature, then that feature is rubbish, until they can copy that feature, and then it's really cool, and then they explain that they were the first ones to come out with this amazing new feature.
New Posts  All Forums: