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Well said. I always chuckle when the media wheels out (with increasing regularity) the "iPhone Killer" headline whenever another phone comes out. As you said, there's so much more to iPhones than just the iPhone.
Another "iPhone Killer" bites the dust. 
This is an important way that Apple is differentiating their watch from the other copycats. By using the flower imagery, they are saying something about Apple Watch: "It's Beautiful". And it's not just marketing spin, the design and manufacture of the watch really is beautiful. Sure it's easy for Samsung and other to blatantly copy (and by golly they have) but the beauty in the precision and intricate design of Apple Watch, which is likened to the intricate design of a...
It's more likely to be a new AppleTV Touch-Remote than a 4-inch phone.
 Agreed. Apple does need to work harder to move some of its important technologies into ubiquitous status, similar to what they did with iTunes - which is one of the few examples of great technology winning out over poor technology. The reality is that (poor) technology that is available on 100% of things, will almost always win out over (great) technology that is only available on 50% on things.
This really does show the importance of being a market leader vs a market follower. Sometimes Apple's incessant habit of leaving behind older, popular technology (think floppy drives, ethernet ports, DVD/CD drives) while it's still at it's peak, can be frustrating, but I can see the importance of leading the market ahead rather than being left behind in the dust.
Not sure about the blonde hair though.
What about their content for Windows Phones... oh wait, nobody uses those.
You could always switch to the other wrist.
You don't get it. Apple gives the celebrities the watch, yes, but they don't then keep paying them to wear it.
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