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agreed, damn shame, I had today pay $800 to fix this problem. Before any comments, repair bill is more expensive in Thailand, then USA.   I hope get my money back via this class action suit,   Soul
Is reply was correct, since nothing about denying schooling or being enslaved, but bigger, not excluding another human because there are different, which has nothing to do with laws, but weak minded people, not knowing how to handle people different from what they define as the 'norm'You should have that applauded is answer, I do.
It would be a better app, If we could post comments easily and not go via forums. I hope this is a quick fix and Appleinsider take this on board quickly and listen to their customers.
I'm just stating the obvious, sounds to me, it is fact, Hmm, but I thought it was your opinion.  It did not read like that to many of us.Look at his previous role, very successful, so why would he not be successful, please explain. Many Exec get 'fired' and they are still very successful in future, e.g. Steve Jobs! These are comments and other people have just corrected your opinions. Maybe you should look at yourself and say "I have given opinions, which lack substance...
Not sure who is your reseller, but Gold will be available in India at very limited quantities and you have to put in your order now with recognized reseller. My opinion is the gold looks tacky and will open you up to quicker pickpockets and thieves due to India's love affair with Gold. Actually will not be surprised, If gold is more available in India, due to Indians being so love with gold and Diwali is coming very soon.I will stick with my space grey. :-) Btw Gold is...
Apologies, I did miss /s, which I do know what abbrev. means, but just missed it
I thought to reply to this comment by quoting sales on sales increases year on year or profitability compared to android crap out there, but in the end my reply is 'What a load of garage and go somewhere else to be a troll'
I should get one idea from Vodafone guys in India, there can never keep a secret, once they get this information.lol
I live in India and did not know, must investigate. I can buy one for Diwali lottery, we have every year.
But you forgot to quote my P.S. comments, since I did state that was US supported cost and we will have to understand the unlocked cost in India, funny why would you quote, half of my comments.
New Posts  All Forums: