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Tallest Skil, Hmmm not your 499, 399, 299, 199 but $99, that s roughtly Rs 7,500 Indian rupees, ths going to smash Samsung, Nokia and other wannabe straight on nose! I am expecting Apple to taker BIG marketshare in India. Will watch the presentation in peace and quiet now. Soul P.S. that maybe supported cost in USA, so wait for unlocked cost, hopefully, not big increase.
I hope so, the new store opens in October, I will be in Queensland for a month of R &R and would love to visit the Brisbane store, If it opens. Great location.
 Your point being with this comment. Please show us how this is similar to the article or you just taking some reference and without reading the article and understanding situation and comparing. Need to be more clever than that!
Really this is stupid native comment, since competition is health way to ensure competitive prices for the consumer, which is YOU. Blackberry have made the mistake of not changing with the times and now they are well behind the smartphone race.For me always liked their phones and Z10 is nice 'second' business phone for me to use.Wish them well in the future.Soul
Btw do not use a translator, it always does it wrong.. (I think you were trying to say 'I still have to improve my grammar') As for my comment it was more tongue and cheek, then personal to you. As for the apology, If you thought I was attacking you personal, then I apologise   Btw: Still waiting on my apology from you concerning the comments about iPhone 4, which I apparently made and you could not found them   P.S. If I tried to translate 'The tallest skil does not...
You have not been observing the financial returns of Microsoft. They are far from gone try these links for their financial situation http://in.advfn.com/p.php?pid=financials&symbol=N^MSFT and  http://www.wpcentral.com/microsoft%E2%80%99s-financial-health-simply-unquestionable and if your talking their innovation, then I agree. Btw: Not defending MS, just that for MS to fold financially, every corporate  would have to stop supporting windows operating system and more...
Up to your old tricks, derailing the forum from story to something not related to the story. I look forward to you speaking/writing  Hindi.
My point exactly, what a waste of time/effort to release a buggy app that only allows you era on iPhone, since editing would be diffcult and If you use on iPad it is not tuned to use full capabilities.   Ballmer you really do know how to drop a flop!
Are u sure this is unlocked retail iPhone for $99, I know it is speculation, but is this a rumor or maybe strong thought by Apple. Interesting even though the specs would be lower than high end iPhone, it would sell like 'hot curry fries' in India. This week Apple have shown me innovation, now they going to blow the competition out water (in India anyway) with such a price point for iPhone.
I have never been so excited about Apple in long time, way to go. Now lets see what competition does! forget about IOS 7, OSX, MacBook Air, iRadio, it is the MacPro got me giddy like a schoolboy getting his first drive from his father's car. I had strong thoughts that their would continue the MacPro, but peeps come on, everyone must be surprised at radical design. Screw, air MacBook Pro and iMac (in a nice wy), I am waiting or MacPro before I upgrade now. Thank you...
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