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In USA, why don't you check India prices. I suggest every one look at my location and stop think that I refer to USA.
Hill60,   Sorry  but I do not live in USA and the price of Samsung S4 in India is similar or lower in some shops than the iPhone 5 16GB and for the price of iPhone 5 16GB, you can buy 2 Samsung S3 in India.
Apple always promote the build quality of the iPhone and not sure why you used India has example, since the price was too high anyway and has nothing to do with iPhone quality, but reduction in margins to increase sales volumes and more exposure in India, since Samsung S4 was being launched.   Lets stop putting blinkers (with concern to Apple) on and be honest in our assessments and opinions.
Peeps,   This was obvious that iPhone would score better than the S3 or S4 due to the quality of materials used to build each phone. My concern is why iPhone does not have a better score versus the Samsungs especially with premium price charged by Apple. I am concerned as someone mentioned the actually scoring system, since individual scores do not equate to overall assessment. AS apple supporter, I will not gloat over these results, but wonder  why the iPhone test...
Yes you can, it is called a customer service centre or in India, a call centre..
I have to agree with you, I was looking to replace my work mobile, which I was using Bold 9800 and since I already had a iPhone for home, I  was looking at another brand. I looked seriously at the Samsung S4 and read the CNET review, pretty powerful stuff, but my concern was  it was too geared to the consumer and not business user. In the end I bought Blackberry Z10 and very happy with phone for business use. I would never buy Windows Phone against my DNA.
Really  think a disgruntled shareholder is going to be screened out and even more importantly, a person would spend over 1/2 million to just shout at Cook because the share price has dropped. Come on, these  shareholders have a right to his time and If it is shareholder who unhappy, that person will voice his opinions, since if that person has 1/2 million to give, then the person is smart and not stupid to waste more money for such purposes.   Very much doubt...
  Really that all you could contribute to this discussion. Again we are back in school with this spell and grammar check. Who cares, everyone understood the   article. As for the payouts, good for these guys, especially Mike, he worked very hard for Apple.   Soul   Edit: The above reply does have grammar mistakes, but what the hell you get gist of my comments.
Correct the Import tax is also driving up the price of unlocked phone, carriers not the enemy, but Indian Government, Apple and their Distributors!!Before any jumps down my throat and say Apple hater, better jump my history on this forum!
This is not carriers pricing the phone, but Apple and distributors!! subsidised contracts were tried in India and failed badly. Btw Apple have MAJOR influence on the pricing setting in India.
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