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That's always the case, but glad you appreciate that it is still a great machine. I am looking at new MacBook Pro or iMac for later this year. Depends on which product gets the new Intel chips.. Btw: Productivity is going to be at all time low during 10am - 12pm PST, since all IT people will be watching the Apple WWDC presentation via Apple site
Yes, but the emotion Gates was trying to hide in that interview, tells me he was beng sincere. I think we so bend on disliking MS/Bill Gates, whatever we hear, we will take it as negative.
Really what a waste of a comment, since majority of people work in corporate world and their companies force them to use windows products. Apple has been left in the dust, really, suppose being most successful IT company at present, is being left in the dust. Do you think Apple are worrying about Microsoft's market share in the corporate world, since Apple understand it will take time to change that scenario and our in no rush, BUT  I can tell you MS think every day how...
Yes, I know you were being sarcastic. I just curious to understand how he did come up with E=Mc2 and posted the video.
Piece of advice, no need to go through 80 pages of comments, just through this year and last year's comment, since 4s was not out, when I joined the forum.   Edit You had 6hrs and no reply, my word still stands, show me and I apologise!Edit edit: Nearly 15 hrs and no supporting evidence...HmmmLast Edit: 1day 15 hrs later and do not have adult approach to say I am wrong and my comments were unsupported and not true.
Not for me I opened 3 times, since this comment and it is ok. 
prove it, plain and simple. I have shown my comments, you prove it! Make sure it is the FULL quote, not your practise of cherry picking people's comments, you are well know for doing that!   TS: This is original statement that you state, I said, so make sure it proves this: You (souliisoul) said that an iPhone 4S for $300/$399 off-contract would be unacceptable"   I added the souliisoul, since I highlighted last time and you could not see that I was quoting YOU word for...
You start an argument about non-existent comments, I apparently made in Appleinsider and still have not linked the comments to support your outburst. Time for me to move on this is a waste of time.   Edit: As I said I can not be bullied that easily
I can accept your point of view, but do not agree, If majority of Apple's software was 'ok enough', you would not have the customers seeking to switch to Apple, since I view Microsoft's software has 'good enough' since it is so damn diffcult to learn their software especially when MS undertake a major upgrade  and Apple just makes it simple. 
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