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Interesting that we had article on Bill Gates Interview talking about Jobs and he stated that his strongest quality (not the only quality) was marketing and many people thought, Gates was being insulting, but Clow states quite clearly that he though that Jobs was a genius in marketing and advertising..interesting!
May want to check my comments, I said iPhone 4  was not acceptable, please link were I said and I will apologise. Secondly look who is talking, never insulted unless you for some reason, give a very rude reply and say' shut up' or reply in very rude manner. You are really blind to your own behaviour.   Trying to bully me, does not work. I do not get frustrated at people's comments like you and start telling the person to 'Shut Up' and certainly do not have blinkers over...
Agreed, hardware is easy for Apple, I want Apple to take software to the next level and blow my mind. I have no pre-planned ideas, but Apple have set the standard for software development and looking to be amazed. If I am not then hopefully, it will be major upgrade that keep Apple ahead of the pack.
You always right and your opinion is fact ...no wonder you get the most negative feedback. By the way my English is not that great, but that last sentence you wrote was very articulate
Well reason I used black hole, was because anything that goes in, never heard of or seen. Majority of unethical behaviour in companies are never heard of or seen. Your opinion not right context, but I think it is.
I hoping Apple does something very innovative and surprise me, but this market is old, so not holding out hope, but I be one of the  first to use the service, If it stands above the rest.
Off topic: Actually yes 7 more days and I am off to Beijing, Seoul and Manila, should be fun, but hard work
Another person with open eyes, could not say it better myself, yes I am shareholder, but I work for a corporation, which has good ethics, but we do have our black holes, every company does. TS would you stand in front of a judge and swear on the good book that Apple is 100% moral/ethical...let me read your answer, this should be interesting   Edit: I know Apple is overall ethical company, but point is every company has their dark secrets and it would be silly to think...
As I said I am investor/shareholder that means I am not in Apple for short term gain, so drop and rise of Apple's shares does not bother me at moment. I am looking to 30 years min. I can not voice my comments...Ok Mr. Tim Cook   Apple may want to employ you as their Public Relations Director
New Posts  All Forums: