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As I said I am investor/shareholder that means I am not in Apple for short term gain, so drop and rise of Apple's shares does not bother me at moment. I am looking to 30 years min. I can not voice my comments...Ok Mr. Tim Cook   Apple may want to employ you as their Public Relations Director
I am not supporting the misinformation, but just stating a fact that there is so much misinformation from news providers, I don't get my ass twisted now because of these issues. AS investor/shareholder I am in this for long terms.
TS your so in Apple koolaid, I was just making an open opinion and you think I against Apple, sorry mate, I have my eyes wide open, not like you.   Indians invented the scheme to dodge taxes and have probably have the most number of Swiss bank accounts in the world.   Edit: here is link you will not like http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/29/business/apples-tax-strategy-aims-at-low-tax-states-and-nations.html?ref=business&_r=0
TS if people got fired for misreporting, the entire news system would shout down..chill Apple still GREAT company, I think
TS depends on how you define unethical behaviour, since people have their own definition of what is deemed unethical. For example having one of the  lowest tax payment for Biggest US Corporate company, maybe deemed unethical, since Apple can afford to pay more taxes and should set shining example to other companies  trying to found legal loopholes to not pay tax.   I personally am in two minds about this issue, since for one, I am very small but still Apple shareholder...
Well I know what I was thinking and my opinions, so again moving on. I do not glorify Apple and know like any other company they have their bad points difference between me and some others..I see real life...others see the fairytale company and ever though I support Apple, not dumb enough to be zealous to their name.
Since all of above is opinions, please stop copying TS, I did use the word 'IF' at beginning. At least TS is original.
I agreed with your comments that's how I see it has well and I am not fan of Jdnc123, but TS like a unstable bomb, when it come to Apple. Come guys iRadio, only if Apple provide some unique option that never been done, then it would innovative. This one idea that I am not going to buy.
If Apple are helping the US carriers turn down the speed, then I am disappointed with Apple, since you have a LION product that has excited  masses and now because dumbs US Carriers cannot keep pace with demand and improve their internet bandwidth and data load carrying, you going to help them.   Shame on you Apple, Shame on you. 
    Does matter since you trying to push your opinion, but you do not know the area you actually discussing.      Tallest Skil your not very good at being comedian......Computer Says No 
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