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Samsung especially and Apple are keeping ITC employees in a job, you never hear of cut backs in that government organisation
someone's on drugs
Still show Benny Hill today in India...sad but true.
Thanks Geek, he does go off on tangent and forgets what the actual discussion was about. He gets on his high mule (not horse..lol) and starts throwing comments, when no one especially me has made that statement.  As for your answer to $399 question, it depend ons the iPhone being released, If it is 3s or 4 version, then forget it too old a spec and people will not feel there up to the times. If it is 4s or even 5 (after 7th generation iPhone has been launched), then I can...
Here we go again!! Just to remind you, I have  stated low-cost iPhone, would do well in India. I never mentioned what price should be or specs.
Yes but follow-up comment maybe libel, I am in India and he can sue me here. Btw: average personal ibel case takes 10 years to complete in India , so make my day!
  Read the comments again, maybe you understand why? Samsung have priced their products at reasonable price and performance, maybe little sub par to Apple (in our eyes), this is of very little concern to Indian market, since ads help to sell the product. MS Surface has massive under performance to Apple iPad, If  you compare price with specs.
That was funny and very good ad... I saw Tallest Skil at the end with Apple logo tattoo on his chest   Edit removed video, so not to  piss people off when scrolling and reading comments
go ahead big boy make my day...   Indians do not like the surface because too expensive vs. performance obtained. Actually Surface had a massive marketing push, but unfortunately its all been US ads.   Edit Price check and scroll to bottom of page and iPad 64Gb WiFi is similar price to MS Surface 32Gb....no amount of ads will make an Indian give away his money
Yep worked for me, but you have to understand, he never been objective, when comes to Apple vs. ANYONE. I agree Samsung even in India had the most viral mobile phone ads, which were talked about by masses, when the ads were on TV.   India loves over the top theatrics and Samsung ads usually played to their weakness.
New Posts  All Forums: