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To be frank USA and UK are the same, never had a good reputation at resolving issues and most times, actually cause more harm then good, e.g. Israel - UK selling of the land to Jewish community via USA. BUT I would not play down 9/11, since it first time terrorism had reached such terrible highs and involved so many innocent people. Any back to apple discussion.
can anyone say "please format your copy and paste into English before posting"
I thought it was another Japanese game show..damn Now who is to blame SONY or MS, great example why I bought a Mac, not because of the failure, but because at least if the OS fails I can shout at ONE person. At least it was not the "blue screen" brand image that MS uses all the time
So MS have 95% market share, but Apple is worth nearly as much as MS today in terms of market capitalisation. ROI for me is looking much better at Apple, then MS, since shareholders have more confidence in Apple contining its profitable strategy then MS. (actaully on 21st October 2009 Apple had market capitalisation bigger then Google). You have 95% market share, but your profits are looking lousy, you can not convert your new releases into big successes because of poor...
No you wrong with one detail the "blue screen" is a brand image of MS alone, Apple will never try and take that image away
Every company has a not so proud product and Apple TV is one for Apple. But come were do we start with MS. Vista
I pefer iMac 27" with bootcamp, so I have the best of all worlds
I love when you provided unsupported opinions and back track on your outburst to people, e.g. 1. Premium market, your comments there is no premium market and then I provided links to show that many industry reviewers discuss premium market and its not Apple's or their Fanboys making this sector up. You change your tune.2. Verizon would have the same issues has AT&T with concern to the iPhone, this is my opinion and I can not prove it, but I discussed it with many of my IT...
I have not had flu in 15 years, but that does not mean millions of people do not suffer from Flu every year.
You are one providing the BS, since MS, Dell, Apple, Lenevo etc., all talk about 'premium market' in their shareholder meetings and providing feedback to analysts and investors. Additionally every Tech reviewer uses the same terminology. Do not hate the player, just hate the game! Maybe you need to read these links:http://business.theatlantic.com/2009...ter_market.phphttp://www.pcworld.com/article/16896...er_market.htmlhttp://arstechnica.com/apple/news/20...et-in-june.ars
New Posts  All Forums: