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Its like telling a billionaire that he lose USD$10,000 in gamble, millions do not affect MS at all. Just look at the fines and lawsuits there had to pay in past.Majority of companies have a war-chest for such issues, which is part of the overall operating budget for the company each year.You may hate MS, but indirectly MS pushes Apple to provide us the most innovative product in market.
whoopee for MS 90% of the market share, so I bought my Apple shares in 1998-99 for approx. $16 per shares and now there are worth USD$ 205 per share and believe me, I bought a good amount at the time.So you can keep your market share and I keep a company that is performing well and putting money in my pocket and has innovative products that outperform the competition.I am not Apple Fanboy, but someone who enjoys innovative over exploitation and sub standard products.I...
The stores look so corporate in nature and not inspiring at all to me. Also agree with the comments concerning the shop logo, here there suppose to be MS stores not windows stores. Also I see the store is advertising its best brand image "the blue screen" I wish MS well, since when MS tries to compete with Apple in their innovative areas, it means Apple raises its game, better innovative products are released, revenue/profit increases and that drives my Apple shares...
I have to agreed with Dlux on this one, only magic mouse is really revolutionary and others especially iMac upgrades, are just that.As for g3pro calling someone who is respected a moron because you do not like his opinion, his little weak minded.Overall it was a good assessment of the new releases, maybe not what you want to hear, but he was been honest from his point of view. In the past he has given great reviews to Apple products, so I will always read his reviews...
I just finished watching the review ob cnet and it was not good see link below: http://reviews.cnet.com/smartphones/...ntMain;compare RIM need to stick with business sector market, since Storm 2 is slight improvement on the original.
I do love Apple and all its products, but this article should never have been posted. the difference in response rates for the average user is really nothing and to be frank and its all about bragging rights, which is not much.
The biggest users is the corporate world and their are not going to do a fresh install or buy new equipment unless the previous equipment is 5 years old. Many are using Windows XP professional, so this will be very interesting times.
It is not Teckstud fault, since Apple/Epson have released via Software update the new printer drivers for Epson for SL.see link: http://www.apple.com/downloads/macos...cosxv1061.htmlIt is clearly discussed on Apple's site and I had the same issue with my wife's brand new Epson printer.Reason why I made the comment to Teckstud, he should have his Apple Software update on auto mode.
Try putting your updates on auto mode
what happens with small -medium business owners that bought new computers but took option to use Windows XP professional and not go with Vista?? I am one of those people, who do not need to upgrade my computer since it is nicely specced for Windows 7, but I am still using Windows XP Professional. Is there difference between professional to Win 7 and XP to Win 7?
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