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There is really no challenge, since on review Windows RT is trying to compete in two areas of computing, the tablet and notebook arenas. Again Microsoft have tried to attack the franchise in these 2 areas, instead of focusing on one. I would not buy this not because it is Microsoft (God help those people that use Windows 8 for pleasure and I understand the feeling, the frustration it causes at work), but why would I carry this equipment, when I can carry MacBook Air,...
Well I know there is case in India,but few in this discussion always say it not required. If Apple did make a low-cost, high- quality iPhone. I really think that Apple's brand image would sell the phone especially in India/China and Indonesia. As for the comments about larger screen for next generation iPhone, Apple have to be careful, not to increase the size too much and I could see the screen going to 4.5-4.6", but any larger very much doubt it. I see someone is up to...
  Rebuttal for what? Hard to believe you were once a moderator..god help those people, you did not agree with.
Thanks I was going to state the same with concern to Indian market, but afraid, someone in forum will attack me, since it will never happen apparently.
Thanks asdasd, but remember I know nothing about Apple, which I agree, since I do not work for Apple and like everyone else, it is all rumours, speculations and opinions. The facts only come out, when Apple decide to publish the facts or a leak.
Tallest Skil,   This is third discussion (I know of) that you have derailed the discussions with personal comments to someone and everyone has lose their train of thought and focused on your negative comments. Just a suggestion, leave personal comments out of your feedback and just provide your opinions/facts and probably not have so much drama.   Maybe you feed off drama, but anyway just a suggestion.   As for next iPhone, I really hope it is not called...
I wish Passport was introduced into India, one of my irritation is when you going to enter any Indian airport, you have to show a paper flight Itinerary with identification before entering. I tried to use my iPad, but security said no, stating the e-mail could have been altered (lmao). At least with passport, the software show the airline, its symbol, the logo etc. It is a pain in the ass and I was very happy traveling to Singapore and feeling like a normal person...
Very true.
I agree with your comments and I think the article is not complete, since there is no way you can shoot sports photos with iPhone 5, I have tried! Chicago will probably use some freelancers to obtain the action packed moving pictures and you can use iPhone 5 for the others. Richness of colour may also be problem for iPhone 5 versus  dSLR. Really sad news.
It seems to me your are  negative person, who does not know how to let go of previous discussion once it ends and your dislike carries over into the next discussion. Your comment is technical right iPhone, iPhone 2, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 (maybe iPhone 5s), so would be  7th model, since the introduction of iPhone.   No need to be rude with your comments, as I said double standards by you.
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