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People who are still using XP because Vista did not meet expectations, seem to be hindered and process for upgrade reads very long and tedious, unless their plan to pay a new system. I am so glad I use a Mac.
Factual links plz to support your comments, so we can read for ourselves.
Again well said and explain my point, better than me!
well said!
I agree, but Apple must maintain that quality that everyone recognizes Apple products for and support service.
There is a great line in the film 'Devil wears Prada', were the newly hired secretary (forgot actress name) smirks during a photo/fashion review meeting. Meryl's character explains that everything that comes from the high end designers makes it way towards the high street retailers, wether she knows it or not. The high end designers set the trend for fashion. Same for the premium computer market.
To add to your point, Corporate World, not just USA, do not want to spend vast amount of money swapping their present systems. Its called LEGACY and corporate world are well know for staying with better the devil you know. If you look at start-ups, younger companies, Apple will have a better chance.
Why would Apple not provide a product for majority of consumers, that so evident and obvious, and basic business sense. No he stated if windows users never bought iPod product, Apple would have no sales, read his initial comment again.
I did forward to 2:15 brilliant!
Thats true statement for SJ, but I do credit him with turning Apple around at a time, when senior management was more reactive, then proactive in their style. Making me happy (or hope happy) in my retirement (good distance off yet).
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