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I think we should name you NonVendorFan wannabe Seriously, if you do not like Apple products, then do not comment, there are other forums, you can visit for MS etc.. Always makes me laugh, when people get irritated at a site because majority of people have a common interest. Simple solution, do not visit this site, if it causes you stress and makes you say BS!
Yeah your right, a few hundred (over estimating) have a problem with guest account issues with SL compared TEN of THOUSANDS people losing ALL their data because of MS.What was I thinking about Apple, Yes I should follow you and run to MS for data storage NOT!!P.S. AI posted the article, not just to the speed that you want.
You hit the nail on the head, 99% of his comments have no fact and it is like a child screaming their guts out because the child can't have their own way. Fact: Apple is successful Opinion: Apple will continued to be successful, if the products continue to meet customer requirements and push innovation.
All good
This has nothing to do with AT&T involvement, but due to Google Voice blocking rural calls, which is no no. If you want to compete in someones space, you have to play by the rules. Google blocking rural calls is not being fair to consumer, nothing to do with AT&T. Btw Vonage has been approved for iPhone and you can use Skype and there are using internet to make calls, not the same way as Google Voice, but still offer services.
you seem to agree to any comments that against a competitor of Apple. Maybe you should get an opinion of your own.
you posted this comment in right discussion thread this time, i was wondering why, you had posted this comment in discussion concerning 'NAND Flash Shortage'
What has Ballmar got to do with shortage of NAND Flash??
Ok from the sidechair expert, thats really tells me a lot about Windows 7
Great comments and well written!I was trying to found newest quotes from SJ (Apple) and SB (MS) to show that arrogrance causes more harm than good. Unfortunately I spend over hour trying to found something this year for SJ and found nothing (does not mean it is not there, but he has been sick), but SB Ohboy see his latest comments http://www.reuters.com/article/ousiv...5974OZ20091008. I think tablet will be a big hit, if it is marketed right by Apple, I am certainly do not...
New Posts  All Forums: