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Agreed so I would check out the info provided in Monday discussion on subject,since some very good points were posted on climate change.I think it is better to do something now, then to wait and see. Humans do not own earth, there are other species on this planet and if we screw it up for them and future children, then we are behaving like what Mr. Smith described us in the first Matrix movie 'a virus'.http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...hreadid=103579P.S. When I said...
Thanks for the clarification.
Did you see that documentary on Kodak and the way it had to move with times, i.e. get on digital bandwagon or die very fast death! Not sure if the program was over hyped, but interesting look how management and staff can work together to save a company.
no issues, you give very nice example, which was much easier to understand then words
I already said i agree, just replying to comment about sales figures and marketshare. probably should have been more clear, but nice explanation.
Look at the front page about Skype approval (maybe) by AT&T on iPhone!
This will cause even more debate on the delayed decision on Google Voice. I see Skype and Google has very similar products and wonder now why Google Voice is not approved. I did say i would rather use Skype then Google any day and I am getting my wish. Time for the debate to start!
Same could be said for sales figures YOu were mentioning in terms of 3.5 to 10 Million units (complete rubbish and clueless). You may need Monopoly game more than me.Maybe this will help you http://www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=finan...=NASDAQ%3AAAPL
I took it ROI and profits were taken as standard and was only replying about Market share versus sales figures. Apple have performed very well in the recession like times.
Both love Apple Mac
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