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I took it ROI and profits were taken as standard and was only replying about Market share versus sales figures. Apple have performed very well in the recession like times.
Both love Apple Mac
You can tell a person from their spelling, Teckstud is from US/American English speaking country (diarrhea) and Gazoobee is from UK English speaking country, since he spells the same word with o (diarrhoea). Both have something in common, wonder what that is
Yeah I purchased mine at $18-19 per share. can't remember the share certificates have been in bank safe for ages now.
You forget greatest party country in world and best Bundas!!
Nice, but I bought shares ten years ago and there were certainly not $85 As stated previously, I will use them for my round the world trip on retirement!
really cool trend for what
That's great but marketshare in the real world counts and Teckstud is correct. I go to my shareholders and say hey people increase are sales from 3.5 million to 10 million Mac in 5 years, the savvy shareholder will ask the question, How is your marketshare improved in major markets over the last 5 years. Yes there will love the increase in sales, but if you say I gone from 7% marketshare to 15%, there will love you even more with above sales figures! One thing that...
You are not missing anything, just that some Apple lovers are blind, I love Apple, but not going to throw wild opinions, when I know MS have provided better Mouse technology in last 10 years, then Apple.But again this is way I enjoy competition, it makes Apple raise its game!P.S. Still no coverage of vonage app, what's up with that?!?!?!
With concern to the mouse development, Apple have lag behind MS. That is n ot my opinion, but a fact, seen by how many people do not use their apple mouse, but purchase another mouse, e.g., logitech or MS. But I will say if a mouse is only development that Apple lags behind in, then I am very happy. Btw: all those designs were very ugly, but interesting concepts.
New Posts  All Forums: