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I have watched this with mixed emotions, since I love when the little man takes on the BIG dog, but at the same time, I DO not want Apple to become like MS. For MS when you have operating system issues, you do not know who to contact, since you will get the running around in a loop from software to hardware vendor. Apple's model has shown to work very effectively and I for one do not want it to change. For Psystar, i see behavior that is more emotional, then rational...
Who is going to wake him up from his dream and does he have shares in MDM
I agree, it causes so many issues on the mac. Btw: NonVendorFan will love this article, since it gives him more fuel to rant about how good Flash is because majority of BIG smartphone makers/smartphone operating system providers are going to use Flash in their content.Quantity does not always mean quality!
I agree not bloody glass screen please, it is tablet so make it light and durable!
Out of curiosity, why don't you want the tablet to sync with your Mac. I for one would use it as mini computer/netbook on trips and when I come back, can sync all my work on my mac. It would be less heavy and easier to carry with (I hope) similar functionality as netbook.Document to go or some similar app would allow me to continue to work providing a nice size screen. I love iPhone, but I do not edit docs/spreadsheets on my phone (ever though I can), just read them.
Until I see/read mock drawing or something that tells me Apple is developing a tablet, I will not hold my breath. Not that I do not believe, Apple are developing a tablet, but I wait until Apple or a leak shows me it is for real. I for one want the competition between MS and Apple, since we had no direct competition for long time and this would show, who is an innovator and who is duplicator! In end the consumer wins (me and millions others).
Read the article and understand why Apple are suing before you comment. Woolworth's not only sell food items, but also stationary and maybe in future computers. I posted a link earlier from Australian paper on reasons.
You are telling me that Europe, Australia and others are not becoming like US with concern to those practices. Give me a break mate!
[QUOTE=Rankzero;1492886]Short answer: Itunes Music Store has a dominant market share of over 70% and they refuse to sell music to Palm Pre and any other brand. Longer: In fact there is evidence pointing to that they did stop the synching! First, Palm had a proceedure which did not spoof vendor ID. Apple changes something so it stopped working. Then Palm spoofed the vendor. Are you going to provide the evidence to above statement, since you used the word 'fact'!
he has not changed one bit, still ranting without any supported evidence! MS best known brand Hmm!Btw: Coke Cola may be better known brand then MS, since you do not get many computers, when you don't have a power source, but you found Coke Cola everywhere!
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