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Unfortunately Apple logo is International brand and recongnised the World over and that's why Apple are defending its logo to the max. This is standard practise and as many have stated undertaken by many companies on daily basis.Also WoolWorths may plan to sell computers in their stores and that what Apple are worried about.see link for full storyhttp://www.theage.com.au/business/ap...1005-ghzr.htmlI can understand Apple's concern now and it is not just idle defending of...
Unfortunately that was only released on windows (windows 95, windows 3.1) v2 of desktop sync software supported windows 98 and NT. No Mac version was released until much latter. I never bought one for that reason.Actually just thinking about it name a phone that does have seamless sync experience before iPhone release across Mac/Win platforms.
Oh well you keep *feeling* that way and I will wait for the appropriate commission or government to actually show me by law that is the case.
Just one simple reply 'opinions can be wrong'
Please stop you are giving me brain acne, just to read your continued search to be right. You are shown to be inaccurate in your opinions. Its okay to have opinions and it is okay to be wrong in your opinions, since we all are not prefect and know everything. What is hard to understand is someone that has been provided evidence that his opinions are wrong and continues down the path to try and enlighten us. Are you a politician by any chance
interesting you reply to me, but forget that patrickwalker shows how bad your opinions are with concern to the evidence provided, so please explain how his opinions are inaccurate because he did a very good job in my eyes and what i wanted to say.Btw: You told me I was ignorant of the law initially and implied that you knew it better!! so now do not not reply, the law is for courts to interpret.If you had just provided your opinions without using the 'personal touch' of...
I have cut and paste the quote (see below), so everyone can read it and understand that this guy is using factual evidence, which does not supports is opinions, actually their explain, he does not understand the law.So how does Apple have monopoly and abuse their dominance in market, since I do not want to put words in your mouth, but you have used this quote. They have not stopped anyone from syncing with their iTunes library, you must write your own program, as someone...
If I knew something about the law, please enlighten us with a factual evidence of what you are stating, since I am ignorant. You better make sure you provide a link. Btw We are talking EU law correct?Make sure it shows that Apple are being anti-competitive, since that what your opinion is.
Others have shown why some of your opinions are not faultless, but just add this: Why is Apple not approving the app and requesting Google to make it web based app, similarly to Skype. If Google Voice and Skype were the same would not Apple approve the app?
You argument about Apple being anti-competitive is probably from emotional standpoint, since how can a company be anti-competitive, if you have a choice. People know the business model of Apple and you can choose to buy a Zune or some other player to listen to your music. You also have a choice to purchase songs from other electronic retail outlets, e.g. Amazon, Wal Mart etc.So you choose to purchase a iPod or iPhone and understand that from beginning the link to iTunes...
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