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Listen I know nothing about USA and India does not like contract option, tried and failed, so calm down and focus. Again not commenting about USA, you seen to be mixing your arguments.
Why am I upset, this is just forum to voice comments, you take things personally and not very objective. Low cost iPhone does not mean a cost of $50, just price right to increase market share in India at faster rate.
It is called clearing their old inventory, so when next model is released, Bestbuy are not sitting on a massive amount of stock. Of course shame on BestBuy for thinking about their own financial situation and not Apple. Most probably, Apple would be happy with  this practice. Not everyone wants the latest and greatest version, since the person may not be able to afford the latest cost, but keeping them in the Apple brand is the next best thing.
another wasteful comment, so you know what, I will only comment now on article. Is that what you used to do as moderator, delete posts, If the comments were not directed at the article, but flaming. How times have changed and double standards.
Who is whining, see what I mean you do not get it. I was providing comments on situation in India, which I live in Mumbai. Please just stay quiet, it seems you have a bee in your ass, because I know more about India than you. LET IT GO.
wish you would take your own comment and also stop being stupid and bully in forum, but that would be a impossible for you. Mr Skil know all about India...NOT
You will never get it and you try and bully people with your opinions. If you do not know what you are talking about keep quiet and don't look stupid.
HI All,   As stated before Apple has to be aggressive in their pricing, since Indians LOVE Apple, but will not spend the 'western' prices to buy unless there is an incentative. Also you have so many cheap 'HIGH END smartphones' that may not give same quality of functionality as Apple (not talking Samsung or HTC, BB etc.), but locally manufactured and allow the 'middle class' to spent less and still feel like the person has a HIGH END smartphone, e.g...
  and    Margin on High end smartphones are suitable to 'other countries', but Indians will not pay for such high priced phones, since their cost of living is 60% lower than USA and you are selling these products at the same cost. I am talking about unlocked phones, not phones supported by mobile companies, since this makes the cost affordable, which does not work as a business model in India for other reasons.(previous comment by me).         So you can not read here is...
My first comment said HIGH END SMARTPHONES..maybe you should read again, never singled out Apple, but all HIGH END SMARTPHONES ...Lol   Concerning you if you read the comment I provided you 2 links, but again you had selective way of replying to my comments.....so here is initial reference to you  http://stuff-appletards-say.blogspot.in/p/blog-page.html   and http://stuff-appletards-say.blogspot.in/   lol bye bye   Btw How is your account on Macrumors, are you still...
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