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Naw Eminem going to release a rap diss record about Apple
Maybe Palm had as part of their business strategy to take market share from iPhone by allowing people to sync their iTunes music to Pre and so in effect say 'you get better cell carrier service and you do not lose any of your valuable music in the switch'. I think the Pre is a good product and if it came to India would sell pretty well, but unfortunately, its only available in USA at moment, if I remember.
Good point.
I thought you had sold your iPhone? You will probably leave our existence before Apple comes to end, so accept the fact that Apple like MS is going to be around for a long time in one form or another. What you should wish for is more competition, that will beniefit the consumer in terms of innovation and cost, not for one of the competitor's to die and MS or Google (or another company)drives the prices up due to monoploy like status. I like Apple, but that's my own...
saw your reply after i replied and it makes sense, since USA is so used to cell carriers supporting the cost of mobile phones, it would be hard to change. In India the cell carriers would never support such a scheme and people are used to buying the unlocked phone and getting the plan their want and changing if necessary.
I disagree with above statement, since in India, thats exactly what is happening, you have majority of legal unlocked phones being sold and people are very happy to buy them, since most people do not want to be locked in to a specific carrier. I am sure there low-end phones that are locked to carriers, but majority of people want the freedom to choose their own plan or change if necessary. If it can work in India, why not US. There is a form of lock in with certain...
Please name a few, since I had a mobile phone in Australia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Singapore, China, UK, Jamaica to name a few and it is not heavily subsidized by tax payers.
WEll China is slightly smaller than USA and their offer cheaper plans. Maybe we need a person from Russia to comment, since it is slightly less than 1.8 times bigger than USA.http://www.insidervlv.com/landmass.html
about $20-25 per month here in India.
what is two half and half men??
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