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Peeps,   Forget the gold plated iPad...the iPhone with USD14.5M black diamond is really more money then sense..lol   http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/technology/2013/04/worlds-most-expensive-smartphone-15m-iphone-has-a-black-diamond/   Edit: Did not see that Hill60 posted the link before..apologies
Yep the blog about you is right, at least you can not ban me for not agreeing with you..lol   I said HIGH END SMARTYPHONES..that includes S4, IPhone, HTC one, BB Z10...never said S4 was cheaper...man do you make this crap up in your mind and you should be nicknamed the 'Twister'..lol   Apple Doesn't. Care. that Cheaper. Phones. Exist...LMAO, that's why Apple are considering a cheaper iPhone for emerging markets..LMAO..you really are full of it.   Do not try to make me out...
Oh you did not follow-up on my last comment, but replied to old comment, LOL you are funny boy.   Samsung S4 (you decided to use S4 as reference not me..lol, for Apple guy, little silly) UK launch price was USD 954 and India launch price was USD 740, Yes the prices were the same worldwide..LOL   http://www.whathifi.com/news/samsung-galaxy-s4-price-confirmed-as-pre-orders-open-in-uk  and in india http://www.gsmarena.com/sams   I asked you to provide links again, no links...
    You are pathetic you jump from one agrument to next,..LOL no wonder you have put so much quantity not on forum.   Lets see how long I can keep you going..   Again Indians are not buying HIGH smartphones because there are too expensive, unless you drop the price....btw They dropped the price in India, since in Australia it is USD$725 (after price drop as well), oh that is the same price as other countries..USA is not only...
In your mind you are clear and direct, your opinion..lol
  As stated in my previous reply, I was talking about the margin/profit from such smartphones, but ignore that comment and focused on cost of the phones worldwide, so you did not get my statement or unable to show it is wrong. Anyway time to move on, your agrument has no evidence. So you understand, this is what I am talking about.   "Margin (on sales) is the difference between selling price and cost. This difference is typically expressed either as a percentage of...
that why you won't get a date..:-)
    SolipsismX, I have to disagree, since it is their money and they can donate in whatever way best, since we should not pressure people to donate, it should be from heart and improving the less fortunate people in this world.
I do get it, you DON'T get my answer and then assume to state that I don't get your comments, maybe you need to be more clear and direct. Real arrogance shown by you. I am a consumer, I can have my opinion or is this not free forum for discussion as I assumed.
A number of people, who can afford the hotel costs have a lot of brains and have used that to generate their wealth, so stating more money then brains is silly comment.
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