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Please that so bloody untrue, you sensitive pooor boy, I could say that and I am Black, a Indian could say that. Please let get pass this sensitive society crap that USA had developed and pushing on the world, due to their issues. If you fart in USA, you are being racist to the air!
I doubt it, but I think what they are trying to do is, if you swap to Mac, we can still provide the software that you know and understand. This is mostly for IT support/managers, who only know the windows environment and get a panic attack, when you speak about OSX, because they are native to it. Soul
Hmm many CEO work 60+ hrs are their morons, your opinion is just that.
Hi Macs, This quote taken from report will never happen at MS Store: Apple's One to One program might play a large role for those consumers. This past quarter, the "new and improved" One to One Program launched. The new program resulted in a record 667,000 personal training sessions, designed to help people become acquainted with their new Mac. Since you would have to have each PC representative for Dell, Sony, Gateway, Lenevo, HP, Compaq (lots more) including...
, No-compete clauses usually last for only 2 years and can be challenged, if you are stopping that person from making a living using their own skills. I would take the other approach, Apple must be doing something very special, if competitors are hiring former employees. Apple will just have to rise the bar again!
I think misunderstood my post, since my comment was at least you get a premium well bulit product from Apple. MS are selling crappy products at permium price. I do not know if it is overpriced or NOT, only FACTS will tell us that not opinions! Overpricing does not stop a company from making money until the company has competition that sells a product of similar or better quality for a lower price. There is not a BRAND in the market that provides steller combination of...
I wanted to be sure that these facts were true, so I checked the websites for their half yearly reports. confirmed!! In fact preception that Apple overcharges the consumer is more, we charge permium prices for premium products, BUT MS charge permium prices for a less than stellar products and gets away with it, interesting :-)
The consumer has a choice to buy the phone or not, if you are willing to purchase the product, then do not complain, if it is overpriced.No one is encouraging them, but if Apple sets the price and we has a consumer purchases the product at that price and your FTC has no issue, then who is at fault. Stop blaming the companies for consumers own behavioural habits in wanting the latest and greatest product.
sounds to me your the one who ignorant and very narrow minded in your comments. Wishing people to have viruses, well what goes aorund comes around, karma!
I really get irriated when someone makes this quote, you are one person out of many millions and because yours works fine, Hey its ok. Hmm please if you going to quote at least have some FACTS and understand the virus issue with MS. This basically a translation of your quote to allow you to see how silly it was 'Hey my country has never been to war, so I can't understand why everyone is talking about all the wars around the world' There are many people who are probably...
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