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     I know why I do not come to this forum regularly anymore, with these types of comments and cheap shots. Maybe Indians are smart enough not to accept the inflated prices of all high end smartphones from various companies that is easily accepted in the 'other' countries.
Please that is definition, it does not mean, he meant that, that's your opinion and only Bill Gates can confirm that he was being insulting or honest praise. Again your opinion, it is not relevant, but it is very relevant, since you accused Bill Gates of insulting Steve because he defined Steve's greatest qualities as a  visionary person (design) and marketing and fogot to mention Steve's  ability to turn around a company. I stated that Bill has commented on Steve's...
We did not forget, but I did say agree his  strongest skills were marketing and design, not their were his only skills. Again you are so twisted against Bill Gates, you hear one thing and make it sound negative. Again supporter of Apple, but not a fanatic that is blind to read the positive in a statement by a competitor.   P.S. Bill Gates has praised Steve numerous times on his ability to turn around Apple, but you would not remember these interviews/comments of course.
Thanks for agreement, but do you think Steve had any windows software in his house or was seen to promote windows software unless there was a Mac version. Bill Gates is still Chairman of Microsoft and would not look good for their image, If he has Apple products. Remember his kids still go to school and if the kids were photographed with iPod, that would be a lamb to media slaughter. I do not grudge him for banning Apple products.   Do you think AMD have any intel chipped...
Again forum so twisted you look at that as negative remark. I actually think Bill Gates was right, his best quality was DESIGN and knew how to market a product to perfection. Please list any stronger traits then that, because Bill was talking about his strongest traits.
Lets put  down a man that shows he had respect for his competitor and showed emotion that there was a connection. Just because you read in newspaper about Bill Gates and assume your opinions, just give the guy respect for what he has achieved and going to achieve in future.   Its sad when this forum is so twisted in our belief of Apple, we can not admire the other achievers.   Yes I am MASSIVE Apple supporter,  but I respect Bill Gates for his achievements, even though I...
Come on your link shows the original price, so you have picked a site which may sell it for more? Since I was referring to IPhone 5 and S4, not sure why you mention HTC one. You may want to read cnet review.
Are you serious Apple have dropped the price due to competition and on specs value Samsung is more powerful phone, lets see what next iPhone costs and then we can compare. Again If you look at the original price, it is still little higher than the S4 (before discount).
In USA, why don't you check India prices. I suggest every one look at my location and stop think that I refer to USA.
Hill60,   Sorry  but I do not live in USA and the price of Samsung S4 in India is similar or lower in some shops than the iPhone 5 16GB and for the price of iPhone 5 16GB, you can buy 2 Samsung S3 in India.
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