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 Bale's actually very good at voices. Have you ever heard his natural Welsh accent? It's jarring 
 Didn't the wrestling people just create a network just for the internet?
I'm excited for the book. Less for the info on Jobs but more on how Pixar works. There was an excerpt a few weeks ago that talked about how the meetings run when the brain trust get together to give notes on the films in development
Perhaps Microsoft's solution can measure that a force is present but not the magnitude of the force
To be fair though Silver's 538 stuff was always free to read. It was never behind their weird firewall
Mine are OGA (Morel, though that might be a high end. Though they're out of France so they should be available in Europe
Well it's a good thing that there's still three more seasons to go in the year
 It's not only that but you also have cable companies (comcast) owning content providers (NBC Universal)
Along the same lines I've found that if you use the Apple TV as second monitor the quality is much improved over mirroring the screen on your source
 I've kept mine purely because it's unlocked and for the off chance that I travel over seas
New Posts  All Forums: