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Theater owners keep very little of the ticket prices especially in a film's first few weeks of release. They make most of their money on concessions
That's not really how this works. The first couple of weeks the studio gets 75% to 80% with that percentage dropping each week after. After the fourth week the theater keeps around 80% Most tickets are sold however in the first couple of weeks
You're never too old for Harry Potter
Sorkin has little to no say in release date. That's on whomever is distributing the film. Also I suspect that had Steve died in February the movie would have been released sometime around now anyway because they view this as an Oscar type film and as such will be released anytime from October until December
They went to a press screening. It's a poorly worded paragraph 
 Which means it's on a network and can be remotely erased
The user is most likely aware of that feature judging by him already mentioning the "while using option" The problem comes when the apps only offer a "never" and "always" rather than the one in between (for example the Target app). You shouldn't have to proactively manage access each time you use an app if you want it to have location services while using but not when you're not using it
That is a lot less convenient than the other user's suggestion 
They are not. I just had my number stolen from them last month
From my understanding that's not the same thing. The Dish offering is more like a normal Cable package but online. They're not selling a subscription to stand alone HBO without an existing package
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