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The only way to prevent subconscious prejudices from popping in is to have blind interviews where the interviewer has none of that data about the interviewee
I would always get "Just keep swimming" on my ipods
There's also the problem in that the sun is pretty much the hardest place you can send anything to in the solar system. We just don't have the technology for it  http://www.csicop.org/sb/show/shooting_for_the_sun/
Oh I'm glad that they fixed the multitask gestures on the ipad. That was a weird bug I'd run into every couple of days. Also it forgets my keyboard shortcuts occasionally for whatever reason
This one has been a little more eventful. One positive it has going for it is that the screenwriter hasn't changed throughout the process. I would have liked to see Fincher stick with it as the director. I'm rather indifferent to the studio changes and actor changes (there hasn't been a drastic drop off in acting talent from the potential leads)
The report is that he'd play John Sculley
Probably more the money end
If it's like the TV offering it'll be free for everybody
 I don't think he felt obligated to, but rather did it because he thought it might help people live their lives
Correct me if I'm around, but isn't he misinformed with how secure the data is on the device? Isn't the Apple pay stuff stored on the same secure chip with the fingerprint info? Basically to use it you'll need the fingerprint of the owner of the phone. That doesn't seem particularly hackable
New Posts  All Forums: