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As somebody who uses it mainly in portrait mode it is a surprise to me
This is just internet usage which wouldn't take into account some things (iBooks being more portrait and movies being more landscape)
No but this feature may aide in the recovery of the device
I read a story the other day saying that they're only allowed in the cockpits because each iPad is individually tested and proven safe and they couldn't do that with the consumer models   I honestly couldn't believe that whomever said that didn't realize that they were the same models
I personally like the icon
The HBO shows at the very least aren't. HBO keeps them under control to entice subscribers. I'm not sure about Showtime though I wouldn't be surprised if they did the same
Good on Apple
And a counterpoint to this is EA's inability to get the new version of SimCity out on OS X on schedule
Judging by the new naming scheme for OS X it's because they're really proud of their California roots
It's because Twitter put a cap on the number of users so for them to make their money back and be able to support it in the future they're charging more
New Posts  All Forums: