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Good on Apple
And a counterpoint to this is EA's inability to get the new version of SimCity out on OS X on schedule
Judging by the new naming scheme for OS X it's because they're really proud of their California roots
It's because Twitter put a cap on the number of users so for them to make their money back and be able to support it in the future they're charging more
This would be great to have in the kitchen
I liked that fountain while I was visiting the city
Where did Yahoo get $1.1 billion?
One thing I wish you could do in iTunes is the ability to tie two songs together so even if on shuffle they'll always be played back to back
There's at least one phone, tablet, or some other random device turned on on every single flight. Some people forget they're on. Some don't think the rules apply to them. Some just think it's a silly rule that shouldn't apply to anybody. Also as more and more portable devices are being put in the hands on people the airlines are going through a very impressive safety streak. It's probably safe to infer that the portable devices have little to no affect on the planes...
I must have gotten lucky having used mine for 2 years and 4 or 5 months
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