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There's at least one phone, tablet, or some other random device turned on on every single flight. Some people forget they're on. Some don't think the rules apply to them. Some just think it's a silly rule that shouldn't apply to anybody. Also as more and more portable devices are being put in the hands on people the airlines are going through a very impressive safety streak. It's probably safe to infer that the portable devices have little to no affect on the planes...
I must have gotten lucky having used mine for 2 years and 4 or 5 months
I wonder if this is really why they stopped supporting the ability to push new emails using the default mail app. This way they and better herd users to their services and away from apple's
Come to their senses? Really? You do know that the future generations won't put up with homophobia. Hell the shift is already starting to change rapidly on this issue. Those opposed will be on the wrong side of history like those opposed to civil rights previously
I enjoyed the "Or we could just build the lock screen"    Do they seriously think that Apple would let them anywhere near that?
They're JUST putting LTE in San Francisco? That can't be correct
Well they kind of already are in the Louve. The entrance to the store is just past the inverted pyramid underground
Gillian Jacobs is hilarious on it. She's just delightfully weird
I guess this makes sense. Especially if it accounts for when you download the MLB or NHL app and proceed to buy the season's worth of games with it for 50-100 bucks
Don't change the emails. Just have your gmail account forward to your icloud account. That's what I did when I got my @me address
New Posts  All Forums: