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Don't change the emails. Just have your gmail account forward to your icloud account. That's what I did when I got my @me address
Wow please do this!
That's a little BS that they're unwilling to upset the providers considering you could get the channel over the air without them.
I like this idea. It'd be awesome if we could loan our iBooks to our friends and family
Does this just make it a given that the watch is real and will be awesome?
Isn't this a good thing?
Tweetbot is a good alternative and probably better than Tweetdeck 
first "iPhone" 5 years ago haha
Are local pay as you go plans worth it on the data end? When I went to Vancouver last August I couldn't find anything that made sense for the 3 days I would be there and because of that I didn't even bother looking when I went to London for a weekend
Yeah I wouldn't know either because I quit wearing my watch soon after I got my first iPhone 5 years ago
New Posts  All Forums: