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That's also something that a google maps app wouldn't be able to fix either. Just an odd statement 
While I love Siri I still haven't gotten over the awkward feeling of using it in public in the couple of months I've had my new phone
Hasn't this television been predicted each year for the past 5 years?
Black in Black matched from day one of iTunes Match. It was odd then
As somebody who has never really been comfortable talking on the phone facetime is no over-rated and unnecessary. I definitely prefer being able to see the person I'm talking to rather than not
I'm surprised they didn't do this sooner because the purchases you make with the DC app would go through apple thus giving them their 30% cut anyway
I think it was a combination of both especially if you see what the people at Pixar has said about Jobs over the years
OSX Griffin and then we can go with birds of prey OSX Eagle, OSX Falcon and so on
Ah I was wondering if something was up
Galas are my favorite
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