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Does this just make it a given that the watch is real and will be awesome?
Isn't this a good thing?
Tweetbot is a good alternative and probably better than Tweetdeck 
first "iPhone" 5 years ago haha
Are local pay as you go plans worth it on the data end? When I went to Vancouver last August I couldn't find anything that made sense for the 3 days I would be there and because of that I didn't even bother looking when I went to London for a weekend
Yeah I wouldn't know either because I quit wearing my watch soon after I got my first iPhone 5 years ago
Wait people actually sleep and shower with their watches on? Wouldn't you be taking it off anyway for those activities?
Because Live Strong and Lance Armstrong is a bit of a joke right now?   Also I'd be cool with the fictional watch as long as it lasts the day. Just charge it when you go to sleep
I've already received one software update from Toyota to add new features (I think they added open table and a few other apps) via USB stick in the mail
Okay so they integrated this into their current infotainment (I hate this word) system. Does that mean that they can upgrade previous models with a software patch? I would love to get this in the Prius that I bought last year mostly because I hate Toyota's current software that it uses (somehow it crashes my ipod once every couple of weeks)
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