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I love my apple tv if just because NHL Gamecenter is apart of it
What's the meaning of the 365? Oh goodness it doesn't mean that you have access to it 365 days a year? Do they change the name during leap years?
You can use your phone/ ipad as a keyboard on the apple tv now
To be honest it is mostly free. I mean the head of Pixar is running all of Disney's animation now and has creative control. If you want to blame anybody for Pixar blame Lasseter. I personally think Pixar is fine as long as they don't make cars based movies. Brave while not one of their best was solidly middle of the pack and after Monster's U they have three original stories lined up (a dinosaur movie, a trip inside the mind, and a Día de los Muertos one) Pixar is far from...
I think you're in the minority. I have the older style that was on the previous model of macbook pros for work and and my home computer is the first uni-body macbook pro. The buttonless trackpad is by far and away better in every way possible.
Yeah they come out with one every month or so now in an effort to compete with chrome
They still need to hook into the smooth pinch to zoom/ unzoom and the double tap to smart zoom that apple uses for Safari. That's one of the main reasons why I quit using firefox after 9 years or so
It probably didn't hit iTunes until September though when Showtime released it to retailers
Ugh, the Avengers was not the best blockbuster. Batman, Skyfall, and the Hunger Games were all better   Also Jennifer Lawrence was a star before the Hunger Games.   Love the Happy Endings, Wes Anderson, and Beasts of a Southern Wild love though
That's also something that a google maps app wouldn't be able to fix either. Just an odd statement 
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