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Well they kind of already are in the Louve. The entrance to the store is just past the inverted pyramid underground
Gillian Jacobs is hilarious on it. She's just delightfully weird
I guess this makes sense. Especially if it accounts for when you download the MLB or NHL app and proceed to buy the season's worth of games with it for 50-100 bucks
Don't change the emails. Just have your gmail account forward to your icloud account. That's what I did when I got my @me address
Wow please do this!
That's a little BS that they're unwilling to upset the providers considering you could get the channel over the air without them.
I like this idea. It'd be awesome if we could loan our iBooks to our friends and family
Does this just make it a given that the watch is real and will be awesome?
Isn't this a good thing?
Tweetbot is a good alternative and probably better than Tweetdeck 
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