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It's this sentence here why the maps thing isn't a big deal to me
The web app has everything but street view including public transportation. I guess I just never really found the need for streetview on the phone
As long as maps.google.com works this whole thing is overblown     Also I was surprised to see the walking directions still in maps this past weekend. I thought Apple said that those were going away
Yeah I placed my order on the 12th and it was supposed to ship next week and arrive the 5th but shipped today too
I haven't figured out how this works with apps yet. I just bought a concert ticket from live nation and while the app shows a ticket the passbook app is empty   Check that it's only select venues okay so this makes sense then
Why would anybody have a problem with the letterboxing of older apps? That has got to be a better solution than unnaturally stretching them to full the screen
Poor Steve probably had to install a rotisserie device in his coffin with all the rolling he's been purportedly doing
I've had my 4 as long as you have and I can echo pretty much everything you said. Especially about the home button which seems to either not register a press or register multiple presses depending on the mood it's in
Back when Steve got sick in early 2008 and the stock fell to the high 70's or low 80's I wanted to buy some but I was dirt poor at the time because I spent all my money moving to Houston to start my first job out of college and my company had yet reimburse me. I still haven't bought any because I keep thinking "it can't go much higher." As always I'm an idiot
There are also people will multiple iDevices and a singular iTunes account. I know I've had 2 (soon to be three) iPhones and an iPad and my parents have two iPhones and iPads giving us seven iDevices between 2 accounts
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